Tuesday, September 26

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SONG OF THE DAY – Ben Aqua – “Don’t Play Dumb”
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SONG OF THE DAY – Ben Aqua – “Don’t Play Dumb”

https://open.spotify.com/track/4y6aIgCaUbcgWciwUrVHmm DON'T lol don't we know this by now? SMART is cool! KIND is cool! DUMB on purpose is NOT cool. If u smart, listen to this song. It is from Ben Aqua, who has worked with PC Music (audio gold), DFA Records (unknown to me) and has his own "experimental electronic music and art label #FEELINGS". Despite the questionable but likely satirical naming of that label, I am often fond of this kind of music. Which surprises me. Isn't electronic music #MINDLESS? I'm starting to think not!! Imagine the landscape of this track in physical space with every beat and type of sound possessing a different line -- how complex and calculated! This being said, Ben Aqua and those that he might associate with  (AG Cook of PC Music) are getting a lot of atte...