SONG OF THE DAY: Dave Matthews- “Digging a Ditch”

run to your dreaming when you’re alone. unplug the TV. turn off your phone. get heavy on with digging a ditch. cause I’m digging a ditch where madness gives a dam, digging a ditch where silence lives. digging a ditch for when I’m old, digging this ditch my story’s told. where all this trouble weighed down on me will rise. run to your dreaming when you’re alone, where all these questions spinning around my head will die. digging a ditch for when I’m through. digging this ditch I’ll dig it for you. where all this worry weighed down on me will rise, where all these habits that pull heavy at my heart will die. run to your dreaming where you’re alone, not what you should be or what you’ve become. just get heavy on with digging a ditch. cause I’m digging a ditch where madness gives a damn. digging a ditch where silence lives. where all this disappointment grown angry out of me will rise, will die. run to your dreaming where you’re alone. unplug the TV, turn off your phone. get heavy on with digging your ditch. 

The song subtly articulates meditation, as it contains captivating key concepts signifying the practice’s elements. The words essentially illuminate the liberation a tranquil mind carries. 

The initial diction “run to your dreaming” supports the decision to ride beneficial thought patterns. The qualities associated with dreaming (imaginative, limitless, playful, unrestricted, wonderful) are youthful and essentially pure. The artist honors the subject’s capability to produce stories, derived from raw experience and revealed unconsciously. The artist values beautiful material the mind effortlessly generates, suggesting innate human divinity. 

Matthews empowers the attuned by illustrating the heaviness sensitivity breeds as wonderful without its overwhelming characteristic. To propel personal growth, we “get on heavy with digging a ditch”. We lovingly embrace the sensations by creating space for them to manifest fully and therefore be more clearly understood. Consequentially, feeling deeply becomes celebrating the stimuli itself, rather than struggling with our personal impressions. The artist assigns humans agency, as we are capable of digging a ditch to surpass seeing sensitivity as inhibitory. To move forward is not to diminish one’s sensations, but rather to lightly create space which alleviates their overwhelming quality. 

With awareness, “madness gives a dam”. Dam is defined as a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, the resulting water being used as supply. Digging a ditch involves optimizing the madness with thought-management. With the breath, the individual gradually ceases contemplation about the madness. It transforms into a supply of passion without judgement. The emotion remains strong but there is not a need to identify it. Therefore, it is simply good. The breath’s function originates with constructing a barrier to combat madness and eventually disintegrates it into nothing.   

The purpose of the dreaming is to create free-flowing habitual thought patterns that eventually fade into nothing. Silence allows for total absorption, complete emptiness so that the world’s life force is potent within. We feel complete connection because it is the same wave from which our own essence is derived. One love. Essentially, the practice creates silence, and closeness with our most fundamental source.   

SONG OF THE DAY – Ben Aqua – “Don’t Play Dumb”


lol don’t we know this by now? SMART is cool! KIND is cool! DUMB on purpose is NOT cool.

If u smart, listen to this song. It is from Ben Aqua, who has worked with PC Music (audio gold), DFA Records (unknown to me) and has his own “experimental electronic music and art label #FEELINGS”. Despite the questionable but likely satirical naming of that label, I am often fond of this kind of music. Which surprises me. Isn’t electronic music #MINDLESS? I’m starting to think not!! Imagine the landscape of this track in physical space with every beat and type of sound possessing a different line — how complex and calculated!

This being said, Ben Aqua and those that he might associate with  (AG Cook of PC Music) are getting a lot of attention for what is being called “The online underground: A new kind of punk?”. An article/podcast of this name from Resident Advisor explores this concept using Ben Aqua as a main talking point (find at Even though the nuances and specifics of this comparison are beyond me (I will read the full RA article and get back to you), the idea is not far fetched. With a record label that contains a “hashtag”, successful sales of a T-shirt  with “NEVER LOG OFF” printed on it, and a proliferation of ideas manifested aesthetically across some sort of media is undoubtedly similar to the progression of the punk movement.

“signs and connotations of the digital medium are appearing all around online music in the same way that punk wore its gritty origins on its sleeve” (RA).

don’t play dumb, b as smart as u can b