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An Interview with Yoshinobu Ozaki

An Interview with Yoshinobu Ozaki

Image courtesy of Tim Bruns By Oliviero Zanalda In a crowded Mcdonald’s next to Taipei Main Station, I sit across from Yoshi, a man from a rural coastal province of Japan, whose infatuation with Blues saw him drop everything and travel the world with his guitar. I met Yoshi (full name Yoshinobu Ozaki) at Rev-Nov in Taipei, Taiwan. I heard about Rev-Now by word of mouth and decided to go to their live music show on a lazy Saturday night. This underground, family-run music bar hosts a variety of performers almost every night, both local and international. Yoshi was the guest at Rev-Now, and I was impressed by his covers of classic American Blues and Folk songs. His voice not only matched the tone of industry titans like Bob Dylan but the lyrics were all translated into Japanese, yet s...
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A Few New(ish) Things to Hear & See

Earl Sweatshirt –– Some Rap Songs spotify:album:66at85wgO2pu5CccvqUF6i This album doesn’t feel suited for taking apart. It’s full of seamless transitions from one jazz-beat and sample to another. Earl’s lyrics are significantly more dense here than on I Don’t Like Shit… or Doris, and in some ways, this contributes to some difficulty in approaching the album. Still, a single listen through the tracklist and the genius of the album and its maker become instantly clear. Maybe I’ll have more concrete things to say after a few more listens. For now, I let the album play out and wash over me, like a slow-moving tsunami I’ve not quite comprehended the magnitude of. Bug Fight –– “Worm" This is a recent single from Bug Fight, a band on the New Perfume label that is home ...
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Plugged In Collaboration with 91.5 KRCC

We've recently started a new limited-run collaboration with KRCC about music we're listening to. The posts will be shared on both the SoCC and KRCC websites; check out the first post below. Plugged In is a limited-run web series for 91.5 KRCC Music in which contributors from Colorado College's student radio station, The SOCC, tip us off to great new releases, under-the-radar favorites, and other music they can't live without.  Hey 91.5 KRCC listeners & readers. I’m Paulina Ukrainets, the online content manager for The Sounds of Colorado College, CC’s radio station and music blog. I'm also an intern with 91.5 KRCC's Air Check. Below are some songs I’ve been listening to lately (though they’re not necessarily new), and a little bit about why I like them. Saba ft. Chance the Rapp...

A Short Goodbye Note

Just wanted to write a belated goodbye note to Dolores O’Riordan, the frontwoman of the Cranberries, who passed away on Monday. The Cranberries, to my mind, will always be the kind of magic-making band whose sound is impossible to replicate, in large part because of Dolores’s voice. They’re also a band that I’ve bonded with a surprising amount of CC people over… So, if you, like me, are sad about so many talented musicians leaving us in the past little while, then here’s a little reminder for you that good art will outlast us all.
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4th Week Playlist

Don't let fourth week murder your sense of adequacy; groove on down with your confusion with Nelson Kies' playlist of beautiful abstraction beats.
EP OF THE DAY: Alpenglow – “Solitude”
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EP OF THE DAY: Alpenglow – “Solitude”

Alpenglow /alp?n?gl?/ – “the rosy light of the setting or rising sun seen on high mountains” Vermont-based band Alpenglow, formed at Middlebury College a few years back, released their debut EP “Solitude” this past October. Their atmospheric sound paired with the soaring vocals of Graeme Daubert place this band in a ripe spot for future success in today's indie folk-rock scene. I had the good fortune of seeing Alpenglow this past summer at a small music festival in Burlington, and I came away with one word: POLISHED. Although this band is in its beginning stages, they have a definitive, artful sound. The songs on this EP will inspire you to go bask in the glorious wilderness of Colorado and perhaps find that rosy glow on the snow-capped mountaintops. On the title track, the fiddle and...