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An Interview with Yoshinobu Ozaki

An Interview with Yoshinobu Ozaki

Image courtesy of Tim Bruns By Oliviero Zanalda In a crowded Mcdonald’s next to Taipei Main Station, I sit across from Yoshi, a man from a rural coastal province of Japan, whose infatuation with Blues saw him drop everything and travel the world with his guitar. I met Yoshi (full name Yoshinobu Ozaki) at Rev-Nov in Taipei, Taiwan. I heard about Rev-Now by word of mouth and decided to go to their live music show on a lazy Saturday night. This underground, family-run music bar hosts a variety of performers almost every night, both local and international. Yoshi was the guest at Rev-Now, and I was impressed by his covers of classic American Blues and Folk songs. His voice not only matched the tone of industry titans like Bob Dylan but the lyrics were all translated into Japanese, yet s...