Holy cow I can’t believe that our trip is already over. To say it was a whirlwind is an understatement. We were able to fit in multiple museums, historic sites, great food and Hamilton twice. It was all-incredible.

Looking back on this trip, we can’t help but connect the dots that have led us to this moment. The photo of us that we posted was taken in St. Kitts which is a small Caribbean island that is half owned by St.Kitts and half Nevis which is owned by the Dutch. Nevis is where Alexander Hamilton was born and lived for his childhood. It is crazy to think how different that trip could have been if we knew what we know now.

Most of all we want to thank Colorado College and the Keller Family for providing the funds for the venture grant program. As well as Rochelle Mason and Tip Ragen for supporting us and our dream of seeing “Hamilton”. This experience was beyond incredible; that we still can’t believe we got to go to New York and experience all of these fabulous things. It was inspiring to see that we have the ability to accomplish anything that we desire. This inspiration could not come at a better time when in a few short months we will be entering the real world, and starting our new journey.

Thank you for being apart of our adventure and following our blog. If you get the chance to see “Hamilton” do it, you won’t regret it.