President: John Horner Elected: Spring 2022

John’s primary interest is in how humans and animals come to know about their world. This question spans phenomena as diverse as simple conditioning processes to the workings of science, and perspectives as different as evolutionary psychology and neural network accounts of learning. He has conducted research on decision processes in rats, chaotic behavior in pigeons, complex discrimination in humans, and how people detect change in causal systems.

Vice President: Sylvan Goldberg Elected: Spring 2021

Sylvan Goldberg is an Assistant Professor of English, and teaches and writes on U.S. literature of the long nineteenth century and the environmental humanities. Recent essays can be found in Western American Literature, ESQ, and ISLE, and he is completing a book manuscript on the ways in which the life sciences appear throughout nineteenth-century U.S. culture.

Secretary-Treasurer: Jane Murphy Elected: Spring 2022

Jane Murphy joined the History Department of Colorado College in 2007, teaching Middle Eastern history from the rise of Islam to the present and topics in the history of European and Islamic science.

After studying in Ankara, Turkey for a year as a Rotary high school exchange student, she received her BA in mathematics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Yale University. She next spent two years at the University of Jordan and then entered the History of Science program in the History Department of Princeton University, completing her PhD dissertation on the intellectual and social role of the sciences in the works of eighteenth-century Cairene religious scholars (ulema). Professor Murphy’s work has appeared in the journals of the American and British History of Science Societies.

Representative: Jane McDougall Elected: Spring 2021

McDougall, a native of New Zealand, earned her bachelor degree in 1990, and then came to the United States where she studied complex analysis at Northwestern University. After earning her Ph.D. she began teaching at Colorado College where her interests expanded to include geometry, modeling, and statistics. McDougall developed a reputation for her Mathematica demonstrations during lectures and seminars, and more recently for generating 3D printed models of her research in minimal surfaces. She also guides students to create 3D models to illustrate mathematical constructions and ideas.

In 2012, McDougall contributed chapters and a cover design to a text titled “Explorations in Complex Analysis”. A few years later in 2014, after she had proved a generalization of Ptolemy’s theorem. A follow up journal paper by other authors was titled “A Short Proof of McDougall’s Circle Theorem.” Consequently, she has a theorem named after her. Adding to the unique claim, so far she is the only member of the department run in a Paris marathon.

Representative: Nene Diop Elected: Spring 2022

Nene Ndiaye Diop earned her PhD in French at the University of Colorado-Boulder’s French & Italian Department. Her research focuses on women’s writings in Francophone West African literature, on Senegalese literary works in particular. Throughout her presence in the French and Italian Department at CU, she taught 1000-2000-3000 levels of language and culture, including French 1010, 1020, 1050, 2110, 2120, 2500, 3050 and 3060.

Nene joined the Department of French, Italian and Arabic at Colorado College as a visiting lecturer in 2012 and has been teaching French/Francophone Language and Cultures. She also teaches in the CC Summer in Sénégal program.

Nene holds a License in Lettres and a Master in Linguistics from the Université Gaston Berger in St. Louis in Sénégal. She also holds an MA in French from the University of Colorado-Boulder.