Half Blockin’

Off the cuff:

Winter break was good. Really good. I needed that. I did a lot of…sitting. Yes, yes, quite a bit of sitting. But lest the sedentary lifestyle infect me for good, I jetted back to Colorado where the people are active and the air is thin. And now, I suppose, I am a second semester senior. Yikes. The yikes comes from the anxiety of uncertainty about what I’ll be doing next year, not so much from the idea of graduating. Because as much as past seniors would get angry about that “g” word and scowl at any question of post-graduate plans, I think that when the time finally comes I will be ready for it. CC has prepared me well in general, and I think the block plan specifically is great prep-work for being thrown rather forcefully into a new subject matter/activity schedule and having to go with it and excel in it. (The flaw in that argument, of course, is that any job I have will–hopefully–last much longer than three and a half weeks. But anyway…I’m good at working under pressure after these four years.)

Now it is half block, and I am not taking a class but should theoretically be reading literature related to my thesis. Finally, the culmination of all my sociology classes. My own scholarly creation. It’s very exciting. For now it’s mainly just ambiguous anticipation, but it’s a nice positive feeling of hope for all that it could be.

This post was off the cuff because clearly I’m not in a block right now, so a block blog doesn’t make much sense. But I still needed to turn in a timesheet, so I decided to use 15 minutes to create this post for your reading pleasure. Post-block, but hopefully still intriguing. Happy half block!