Crimean Subbotnik

In the early days of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin instituted Subbotniks, or Saturdays devoting to volunteering and furthering of the public good.  In that grand tradition, led by our fearless professors, we the students of Colorado College devoted this Monday afternoon to a Subbotnik worthy of the name.  (The name itself comes from the Russian word for “Saturday”, but the fact that this occurred on Monday does not in any way detract from our achievement.)  Armed with nothing but lunch lady gloves and trash bags, we positioned ourselves along the path between our hotel and the beach, picking up every piece of trash that stood in between us and a pristine swimming experience.  We filled over twelve large bags with trash, which we followed with a large lunch and a long nap.


Some of the class and our professors with just some of the trash! Kapsel, Crimea.