The National Gallery…Vermeer? Monet!

The Kitchen Maid, A Lady Writing a Letter, and, of course, Girl with a Pearl Earring. All amazing works by the Dutch painter during the 17th century, Johannes Vermeer. His paintings have inspired novels, other paintings, films, and even operas and music.

So naturally, as we headed to The National Gallery in London, I was filled with excitement to have the opportunity to see some of my favorite paintings in person. I was practically hyperventilating…I have no shame about this. But as we worked our way through the mazes of spectacular works and through multiple centuries of art, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into a disappointing feeling…they only had one Vermeer painting on display for me to gawk at: A Young Woman seated at a Virginal. So I have decided to honor him here, in this blog post, with the following three paintings. They’re my favorite 🙂

Although I was sad to not be able to pay tribute my favorite painter’s works in person, they had an amazing room filled with Claude Monet’s brilliant impressionist paintings. His water lilies are breathtaking, and I found myself feeling like I was actually in his precious garden in Giverny. This was my favorite.

Taking a moment to appreciate where I was was necessary, and The National Gallery allowed me to do that. I am glad I had the day to wander around the streets of London and appreciate some great works of art like I have never really been able to in the States.

I look forward to doing more and more in this utopia called London. I just may never leave.