Final Play

Last night we saw A Comedy of Errors at the Roundhouse. It was our final show in London. It was the best show in my opinion but alas, I am a sucker for twins and slapstick comedy.The Dromios killed me. Really, I keeled over laughing a couple of times.
Though the play was stellar, the best part of the night was making my way home. Per usual I separated from the group, bought some pineapple from Sainsbury and made my way to the underground. There is something so rewarding about what I call the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle experience. Once I got used to the routes, I became unstoppable in that maze of tunnels. Whilst I was playing out my usual crime fighting fantasy and waiting for the tube, I spotted an actress from the show I just watched. As she got closer I almost called out “Miranda!” but then I thought, “wait, no, tonight she was Luciana. What do I call her!?” I bit my tongue and waited for the train to arrived but always glancing over my shoulder trying to learn her subway habits, hopefully learning such precious intel like what kind of lipgloss she glides across her lips. The tube arrived, the wind rustled my hair and I lost sight of my Miranda-Luciana. I sat down on the tube and checked my phone, when I look up, she was sitting next to me. Giving her very little time to get settled I practically jumped into her lap, praising her performances while trying to keep my hands to myself as I continually found myself reaching out to touch ┬áher forehead just to make sure she was real. Starstruck.
She thanked me and asked how long I was in town for and if I was a drama major. We had time enough to have a small conversation before I got off at Kings Cross to switch to the Picadilly line. As I walked back to Pickwick Hall I thought to myself, “this is why I go to CC, this is placed-based learning at its best. I just had the female lead of the tempest to myself on the tube for 15 minutes. It doesn’t get better than that.”