“Hey guys test this week, pressure is on…”

Things to do while attempting to make NO and NO2 measurements during chemistry lab:

1) Take measurements from the magic so called NOx box

2) Make up air puns

A selection:

“Whoever says this class is easy is full of hot air” – Nico

“When this class is done I’ll be on cloud 9” – Katie

“Don’t worry guys, we’ll breeze through this class” -Nico

Well we were all walking on air by the time we were done with the lab, hopefully a few giggles for you readers as well.

Anyways, apart from trying to make the most of our lab time, we were also taking some interesting measurements about the air quality near Uintah St on the north side of campus. Our measuring tool was a rather bulky machine called a NOx box which measured the concentrations of NO and NO2 in the air where we were standing. We pulled the box along with us (with the warning that the worst thing we could do today was to drop the NOx box, causing some amount of stress at least for me) and positioned ourselves on the street. While this might sound like a risky things do, especially if you have ever tried to cross Uintah, I promise we were taking safety precautions. We took measurements every 5 ft from the edge of the road to 50 ft to see how the air quality changed. End message: try not to hang out on street corners, the air quality is better just a few feet away.

Well, that is it for now.

Published by Nicole Gillett

I am a senior Environmental Science, Integrated major here at CC. Integrated means that I am studying both Environmental Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ecology etc), and Environmental Policy. I believe this integration of disciplines is very important for applying environmental issues to the political world in which we live in. I hope to use this passion, and knowledge I have gained here at CC to find ways of uniting people and their environment so we are able to stop viewing our issues, world, and needs as separate from the plants, animals, and ecology which make up the life of this planet with us.