Week One- FYE HY104

Hi everyone! My name is Nila, and I am a member of the Colorado College Class of 2017! I am so excited to be writing this blog for you and letting you know all about my HY 104 History of the Mediterranean course for Blocks 1&2.

This week, we have started to study how to study history. Every night, our professor, Susan, has assigned us primary sources to read about how the Mediterranean is studied and viewed. Each reading has opened up my eyes to the Med., and I cannot wait to continue my studies in this course.

I’ll give you a brief summary of the syllabus, just so you have an idea about what exactly we’ve been covering in these first four days.

Day 1- Monday, September 2

This day was an introduction to the “Great Sea.” We mainly discussed the expectations for the class, and did an intro to life in the Med. Our homework on Monday night was to print out and read articles that Susan had chosen for us. These first articles focused on geology and a physical history of the region.

Day 2- Tuesday, September 3

The second day was mainly a discussion-based class period. We discussed the points of view of the authors we had read the night before. Topics included “What are some of the theories that surround the geological history of the Med” and “The Salinity Crisis of the Mediterranean.” That evening, we were assigned a group project in which we divided up a reading by Braudel about the topography and geology of the region, and then had to give a presentation to the class about the importance of our reading.

Day 3- Wednesday, September 4

Yesterday was a presentation day. The first two groups were able to present their information. Also, a man from the library tech department came in and helped us sign into Prezi, an online tool we will be using to build an interactive map.

Day 4- Thursday, September 5

Today, we finished our group presentations. Also, Susan gave her first lecture about Greek history. That was very interesting and engaging! Tonight we had to read the Greek creation myths, and tomorrow we will be discussing the difference between Greek and Christian creation.


I hope this blog helps anyone who is interested in HY104, and I’ll write again soon!