So Far in Week Two- HY104

Hey, everyone! Nila here. This week has been Greek mania in HY104! The main focus of the first part of the second week of class has been ancient Greek culture, history, and society. (hint- look at the title of the course)

Again, I’ll give you a small sample of the activities we’ve done in class and assignments we’ve had so far this week.

Monday, September 9

Over the weekend, we were required to read Agamemnon, the first play in Aeschylus’s trilogy “The Oresteia.” While some may think that plays written more than 2,000 years ago would be incomprehensible, this work was equally fascinating and informative. The majority of this class period was spent discussing the text and clarifying events.

Tuesday, September 10

For this class period, we were required to have read the second two plays in “The Oresteia.” Again, these plays were manageable and for the most part, understandable. I never thought that I would have an interest in Greek theatre, but this play as a whole was intriguing. As before, the class period was spent discussing the text. Issues of Godly power in the minds of ancient Greeks were a main focus as well.

Wednesday, September 11

Today, we met at our professor, Susan’s, house for class! That was really fun, and it was nice that she invited us into her home to hold class. It was a nice change of scenery from the classroom—Palmer Hall 233. We mainly discussed Tuesday night’s homework which was to read Aristotle’s “On Politics” and to write an online post pertaining to our thoughts on his definition of a good life or government. As is traditional with works of Aristotle, our class spent hours discussing his philosophies.

If you love discussing historical viewpoints and ancient works, trust me, this class is for you!

I plan to write again pertaining not just to class work, but also to the class homework load and tips, as well as interviews with other students in the class and maybe even Susan Ashley!

Talk to you later!