Being Awake

Today’s life lesson was about being awake.  Whether it was being prepared for directions to the conference center or being aware of the new opportunities around us, we were reminded of the importance in taking ownership of ourselves and not to be ducklings following the direction of our Herr Doktor Professor.

After a much needed night of sleep, a handful of us stepped out into the rain at 6:45am to get our passes for the conference.  Even though it was dark, cold, and the city was still asleep, we enjoyed chocolate croissants on the train to Bonn.  In Bonn we received our passes, which will allow us into the side event of the conference for the next two weeks.  Side note: I was promoted to the head of my organization (lol) giving me access into an even more exclusive zone. I am hoping to get pictures will some notable individuals… Hello Angela Merkel.

We enjoyed the art installations around the conference center before making our way to the Bonn Market.  We tasted cheeses, bratwurst, more cheeses, and garlic at the market. (yes some of us smelled very strongly of garlic cloves).

To end the evening we ate dinner as a class at a traditional German restaurant.  The restaurant overlooked the Rhein river with a carnival lighting up the other side.  We ate sausages, sauerkraut, and apple strudel, and shared our plans for our first day at the conference.  (For some this includes meeting and then hopefully marrying Leonardo DeCaprio)

Below are a few pictures from the day.