We have arrived!

Guten Tag!

Anna here. We arrived on Saturday in waves- Emily, Cole, Kelly and I landed in Frankfurt at 6:15am, earning us the first place prize, and possibly the most intense levels of exhaustion. We took the train to Cologne and wandered for quite a while, wondering why nothing was open and repeatedly forgetting how early it was on a Saturday morning.



We procured a selection of cheeses, paired them with the German version of garlic bagel chips, sat on a park bench and feasted while looking up to catch glimpses of the Cologne Cathedral on the skyline between bites.




Eventually, the jet lag hit us all like a brick wall and we made the journey back to our hotel to take a nickerchen (that’s nap in German, thanks google translate!). Cole, Kelly and Emily all fell asleep in extremely uncomfortable looking positions while I drank tea. Eventually, I too gave in to my drooping eyelids and napped uncomfortably. We later awoke to our classmates and professor Smith entering the lobby. It was quite exciting to see everyone in Germany! After a little bit more napping, we were able to check into our rooms and get settled before everyone split up to explore Cologne and eat dinner. Highlights included all-you-can-eat sushi (not very German), schnitzel (more German) and goulash (also German). The neighborhood that we are staying in is lovely and the hustle and bustle is great fun to be a part of! I am excited to get over this whole jet lag thing, to explore more and especially, starting on Monday, to see what the COP has to offer!