Relaxation and Reflection

Bula Vinaka, 

Today was a great day of relaxation and reflection in comparison to yesterday’s hectic atmosphere. Yesterday was Karneval in Köln and people dressed in costumes, like animal onesies and unicorns, ran through the streets screaming, singing, and dancing. On our way back from the Conference, we tried to ride from the main train station to the hostel but the trains were overfilled with people trying to join the festivities from other cities; we decided that walking the thirty-seven minutes would be more time efficient. The first thing that caught our eyes when we exited the station was the Dom, which is the famous Catholic cathedral in Köln. Flooded with leftover bottles and trash, we could barely see the steps of the cathedral. Where was all this trash going to go? Were the people cleaning up going to recycle, or did they even have an incentive to do so? Being at this Conference has made me realize: once you are informed about the effects of climate change, it can be difficult to enjoy activities without worrying about the footprint you will leave or what effect it may have on some people in a distant island.

I am looking forward to the start of fourth week and I am especially excited/terrified for the ONLY talk sponsored by the United States government. The talk is called “The Role of Cleaner and More Efficient Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power in Climate Mitigation.” No need to reread the title, it won’t make sense the more you read it. I anticipate that members from across the world will join us to fact check if they intend to spread fake news.