The Big Test Before Our Innovation Quest!

On the Block Plan, final exams usually fall to fourth week, but since we’re leaving for Boston on Sunday, we did something a little different and took our final exam today! Me and a few other classmates were a tiny bit jittery before the test, but with the promise of Boston (and CHOWDER!) looming in the foreground, we absolutely killed it … fingers crossed!

Just in case you’re feeling sad that you couldn’t join us for the test, let me fill you in! It was three hours long with six short answer essays and three quick-question responses at the end. Halfway through the exam, Professor Johnson walked in with candy for everyone, which was certainly the sweet point of the morning!

Though each professor has slightly different testing guidelines (and candy distribution tendencies), all exams on our campus are alike in that we always promise to uphold the Colorado College Honor Code. This means that we abide by the values of honesty, integrity, and fairness in all facets of our academic experience — when we’re taking tests, writing research papers, completing problem sets, and participating in class discussions.

Colorado College is incredibly unique in that we have an entirely student-run Honor Council (which I am a proud member!) responsible for cultivating an academic environment of trust and collaboration among students and professors. Because we, as a community, hold ourselves to high standards of academic integrity, there are some really sweet perks!

For one, our tests are never proctored. Some professors will require that we take exams in the classroom, but I’ve also taken midterms in my hammock! This flexibility does wonders for easing test anxiety. Additionally, the Honor Code builds camaraderie in the classroom. There’s a mutual understanding that we can all study for exams as a group, as well as share research and ideas for our final Innovation Projects, but we will turn in our own honest work in the end. As such, the classroom community that we have built in this class is truly special and will undoubtedly grow stronger throughout our time in Boston!

Stay tuned for our Boston adventures! I can hardly wait!








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