Thought to Kickstart Action

The Modernocene: Progress, Race, Capitalism, and Climate Catastrophe has come to an end. The class I mean. I walk away thinking however that many wish my former statement was true. This class has highlighted that our perceptions of progress, race, and value for capitalism, as Professor Nauman would assert, are the cause of our climate […]


Early in this course, Professor Nauman stated, “The worth of every human is in the measure of their thoughtful self-cultivation.” This resonated with my beliefs that I had a duty to society to learn and think in order to be an active member of society. Likewise, it parallelled advice of self-love: “you must learn to […]

No Cap on Capitalism

Darwin’s Nightmare is a film that captures the famine, poverty and overexploitation running rampage across Tanzania. Scenes of children fighting over no more than handfuls of rice, and women prostituting themselves reveal the little “trickle down” of any profits that are made from Tanzanian laborers and resources (fish were highlighted in this movie) by foreign […]

The Nomad to the Economist: “I’m Not Poor, You Are!”

Image from The New Yorker Hi, my name is Sofia Infante and this is my first post sharing discussions held in the incredible course I am taking now: Modernocene: Progress, Race, Capitalism and Climate Crisis. Professor Nauman Naqvi discusses with us every morning, or rather his every night, from his desk in Karachi, Pakistan. Together, we delve into the history of economics, culture and theology that has led us into what he calls, The Modernocene.   […]