Packing up CP307

As the class wraps up, we turn our attention to our final project. This project finds a fast way to solve the well-known 1/0 Knapsack problem. This problem provides us with a maximum weight and a list of items. Each item has a name, a value, and a weight associated with it. The objective of […]

Seam Carving

One of my favorite kinds of assignments in Computer Science classes are the ones that I can show to people because they’re more visually appealing and understandable than just lines of code or a generic print out of a statement. We got an opportunity for this kind of assignment when we analyzed a photo to […]

Pancakes and playlists

As is true about every first week of every block at CC,  any time you have any interaction with anyone not in your class, they will 99% of the time ask you, “What class are you taking this block?” This week, when a lot of my non-computer science friends ask me, and I say “Data […]