Final Thoughts

Block 5 has reached its conclusion, and I am now deep in the relaxing hours of Block Break. I’ve had several days to reflect on the individual works we studied and the experience of the class as a whole, and I am ready to render my final thoughts on Jewish Comics and Graphic Narrative. The […]

The Power of the Graphic Novel

I have enjoyed all of my courses at Colorado College so far, but I have not been as sad to see one come to an end as I am while looking ahead to the last few days of Jewish Comics and Graphic Narrative. This class has reshaped my understanding of comics as a medium of […]

American Golems

Week Two is now, as they say, in the books (perhaps “in the comics” would be more appropriate here). This week was a bit of a departure from our usual coursework studying graphic novels. After discussing Maus Book I early in the week, we shifted our focus to studying Michael Chabon’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The […]

A Comprehensive Intro to Comics

The first exciting week of Block 5 has drawn to a close, and I am thrilled to be back on campus for a new semester. Right now I am in EN280, Jewish Comics and Graphic Narrative, taught by Professor Jared Richman. This English department course explores the influence of Jewish artists on the comic industry […]