A Glass Half Full

As I write this blog I am currently watching a CNBC special on the drug war in Mexico, surprisingly something I already watched in my block 8 class on the War on Drugs.  I tell you this not only because I highly suggest that anyone who can, should take Santiago Guerra’s Drug War block but […]

What are you scared of?

Last week we finished off “Whiteness: an Introduction” with the idea of ‘passing’.  What does it mean for a person or group of people ‘pass’ in a white society?  This question made me ask more questions, how does one pass in the United States and country that prides itself on being the Land of the Free […]

Question Yourself

Heidi always starts the week off with a movie.  This Monday we watched Making Whiteness Visible a film which starred many white whiteness activists sharing their personal narratives.  After the movie we, as a class, discussed our thoughts on the film.  Something mentioned was that it seems like all the activists in the film had […]

What is Whiteness?

You might be asking, “what is whiteness”? This is a totally legitimate question and one that we as a class are trying to unravel throughout this block.  Thursday was the first day of C block (which has really thrown off my week) it was filled with introductions of ourselves and the class, pretty typical for […]