Worner Center, Van Briggle Exterior
Undergo Improvements

Two major improvement projects have been undertaken this summer at CC: a renovation of the Worner Campus Center and an enhancement of the Uintah Street entrance to the college.

The Worner Campus Center, the nucleus of all campus activity, is undergoing a major renovation that will result in a more welcoming and energy-efficient building. Most of the improvements are focused on the main level, with the goal of transforming the dated and congested Rastall Hall into a dining area that is bright, sustainable, and easily navigated.

The outdoor dining patio will be known as the Rawlings Patio, and will feature a plaque listing the 21 members of the Rawlings family who have attended CC (with room to add more names!).

Energy efficiency is a major goal of the renovation, and the project is aiming for a LEED certification, said Will Wise, building trades manager for facilities and project manager for the project. Approximately 144 solar panels producing 35KW are being installed on the Worner Center roof to help offset the electrical usage in the building. An interactive flatscreen on the main floor will be devoted to monitoring energy consumption in Worner Center.

The shared kitchen between Rastall and Benji’s will have Energy Star-rated appliances; lighting throughout the building will be upgraded to low-energy usage lights; plumbing will be low-flow; and all 25 toilets in Worner will be dual-flush.

Wise said the goal is to reduce energy consumption by a minimum of 30 percent, which would result in an anticipated savings of $108,000 a year. Total cost of the project is $9 million, which includes $7.7 million for construction.

The project has a tight timeline of 81 days, with an August 19 deadline, which will give Bon Appétit a week to get the kitchen ready before new students arrive on campus. The project is the first major renovation of Rastall Hall since 1988 and follows recommendations made by faculty, staff, students, and trustees in a 2009 study.

The second project is a makeover of the exterior of the Van Briggle building and surrounding landscape. The makeover, funded by the Schlessman family, longtime Colorado College benefactors, showcases the historic building and creates a more attractive first impression of campus for those approaching the college from the west on Uintah Street.

The Van Briggle building houses CC’s facilities services; the transportation shop — with a parking lot full of CC vans — is across the street. Attractive brick walls, set back from the property line, now screen the maintenance and fleet vehicle parking areas. The brick walls feature limestone carvings, bas relief bronze plaques of Artus and Anne Van Briggle, and glass tile mosaic panels, tying the wall in with the historical building behind it.

A large stone sign, similar to others on campus, sits just before the Uintah Street bridge, announcing arrival at the college. The Schlessman Family Garden includes a paver patio area with two bench seating areas, and the surrounding landscaping provides a soft, park-like atmosphere.

The project’s completion was celebrated June 28, the same day as a ceremony announcing that the Children’s Center will be renamed the Cheryl Schlessman Bennett Children’s Center. The college will be constructing a new children’s center south of the current location.