Argentinian Patagonia,” Jan. 5-16, with Peter Blasenheim, professor of history

Theatre and Art in New York City,” April 18-22, with Tom Lindblade, professor of theatre and dance

Chicago: Architecture and Arts in the Windy City,” June 20-24, with Doug Monroy, professor and chair of history

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice,” June 26-July 4, with Jeff Noblett, professor of geology

Strolling the Rich Terroirs of Burgundy: A Feast for the Senses,” July 3-9, with Eric Perramond, associate professor, Environmental Program and Southwest Studies

Great Trains and Grand Canyons,” Oct. 21-26, with Mark Smith, professor of economics and business


Beyond the Sea: Musical Explorations of the Windward Islands,” March 14-21 with Ryan Bañagale ’00, assistant professor of music

Hiking Scotland’s Inner and Outer Hebrides,” June 15-25, with Eric Leonard, professor of geology

Polar Bears and Beluga Whales,” July 28-Aug. 3, with Miro Kummel, associate professor of environmental science

Guided Walking: Olympic Peninsula, Washington,” August, exact dates TBD

Andean Birding,” Ecuador, August, exact dates TBD, with Marc Snyder, professor of ecology and animal-plant interactions

For information on any of these programs, please visit: www.coloradocollege.edu/alumnievents