Michael Anthony Fowler ’06 and Sylvain Bruni, January 2017, in Sedalia, Colorado.


Tara Reigle ’11 and Nicholas Taylor, April 22, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



Sydney Stoner ’00 and Erik Kish-Trier, a girl, Charlotte Stoner Kish-Trier, Sept. 14in Salt Lake City.


Stephanie Shaw Johnson and Kevin Michael Johnson ’01, a boy, Beren Michael, March 21 in Aliso Viejo, California.


Sarah Jo Chadwick Manson ’06 and Grant Manson, a girl, Ella James, Feb. 28 in Santa Clara County, California.



Robert “Bob” Ransom Sweet, 95, died in Springfield, Oregon, on April 8. World War II interrupted Bob’s attendance at CC; he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Pacific theater. Later, he was employed for many years by Aetna Property and Casualty in Hartford, Connecticut.


Richard Carver Gordon served in the Navy during World War II. He went on to a career in sales, earning multiple “Salesman of the Year” awards with BM&T Paper in Los Angeles, where he spent nearly three decades. Richard passed away on March 17 in his “favorite town” of Florence, Oregon.


Dorothy Singer Phillips worked for 42 years as executive secretary to the Colorado Springs chief of police. For a time, she was the only female on the roster. A member of CC’s Fifty Year Club, she died on May 1 at age 94.


Gloria L. Smith died on Feb. 22, 2017, at age 92.

William Edward Storey, a World War II Army veteran, worked as a Denver Public School teacher before spending 50-plus years as a builder and land developer in the city. He also coached football at Colorado College. William died on April 20 in Aurora, Colorado, at age 96.

Donn R. Vornholt had a long career in property management before retiring in 1984. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1942 to 1945, where he participated in its V-12 program. Donn was 95 years old when he passed away in Olathe, Colorado, on March 15.


Gloria Marie Pinney McCutcheon spent more than 60 years living in Alaska. She worked for U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens until both she and the senator were in their 80s. Gloria died on March 25, in Anchorage, at age 91.


Elizabeth Dean Brown Kinkel married Louis Kinkel ’49 just months after her CC graduation. In addition to raising their three children, Dean took part in various community activities in Limon, Colorado. She died on Jan. 13 in Hugo, Colorado, at 90 years old.

Marian H. Rochelle, 90, was a philanthropist who donated to help students, veterans, and animals. She made substantial investments in the University of Wyoming (her home state during warm weather) and Barrow Neurological Foundation in Phoenix (her winter home). She died in Phoenix on March 1.


Carol Weigen Rogers earned a biology degree and membership in Phi Beta Kappa while at CC. She also met Rolland “Rolly” Rogers ’52, whom she would marry; they stayed together until his death in 2013. Carol died on Jan. 28, at age 89. Rolly and Carol’s four children survive them.


Mary Katherine Stilson Baltzer raised the four children she had with Michael van Laer Baltzer ’53 and played piano and organ in and around Chipita Park, Colorado. She died on March 11 at age 89.

James “Jim” Clarence Bowers, a member of Sigma Chi, built a business in the insurance industry. He lived in Colorado from his first year at CC through the day of his death, Jan. 7. He was 90 years old.

Adele C. Currey worked for the Los Angeles Times’ food section and, later, in the library at the University of California, Los Angeles. She also raised two kids and donated time to charities including the March of Dimes. She passed away on Feb. 14 in North Tustin, California, at age 88.

Fred D. Gibson Jr., was a World War II Army veteran who built a decades-long career in engineering, including time as CEO of Pacific Engineering & Production Company of Nevada. He held dozens of patents and served on the Nevada Commission on Economic Development. He died on May 1 at age 90.

Donald P. Teason, who died on April 18 at age 88, worked as a petroleum geologist for 40 years and was a lifetime member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Sigma Chi. His first wife, Shirley Temple Teason ’51, predeceased him. Survivors include his second wife, Ruth Phillips Wilson Teason ’51, and her children: Susan Langlois ’74, Kerry Wilson ’80, and Matthew Philips Wilson ’84.

M. Robert “Bob” Thompson, 90, of Denver, was married to Jeanne Ham Thompson ’50 for more than 65 years. They raised four children together. He died May 1.


Richard “Dick” Durant Stacy, 89, was a U.S. Marine, a doctor of organic chemistry, and an alumnus of companies including Arapahoe Chemicals, Syntex, and IBM. He was also an advocate for causes including women’s rights. He died on Dec. 7, five and a half years after his second wife, Mary Louise Webb Stacy ’39.


Barbara Jean Fatjo passed away on Dec. 24 at age 86. She was a retired manager of customer service at International Bible Society and a lifelong Colorado resident.

Robert “Bob” W. Hench MAT died on Jan. 27, just four days before his 97th birthday. Bob was a professor of art as well as head of the art gallery at Colorado State University-Pueblo. He also served as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Isabel Laber, who spent most of her working life as a real estate agent, was the first woman to serve on the board of the Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado. She and her husband, Don, raised four children. Isabel died at age 86 on March 1.

Eleanor Joyce Enright Mango, 86, enjoyed a long career as an elementary school special education teacher in San Francisco and Houston. Her husband, Frank, and their two children mourn Joyce’s death, which came on March 2 in Houston.


J. Eddy G. Craig Jr., spent decades as a high school librarian. He also worked in a family business and built his own family with Julianne Carlstrom Craig ’54. Following his May 10 death at age 86, Julianne and their four children survive him.

Betty Breland Elston, 86, died on Feb. 9. Following her graduation from CC, she pursued graduate work in library science and spent time raising two daughters with her husband, William. She was active in her community of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Georgiana Shaw Fales earned a degree from Columbia Teachers College in New York City and taught third grade in Wichita, Kansas, and Atlanta. She also raised a family and taught piano. She passed away on Jan. 21, in Westminster, Colorado, at age 85.

William Mackey died on Jan. 10, at age 85. He was a resident of Eugene, Oregon.


Karl Hans Holzl earned the Army Commendation Medal with Pendant for Meritorious Achievement for rescue operations he led at Camp Hale, Colorado. He went on to work for General Dynamics and was involved in building Chicago high-rises. He died on Jan. 26 at age 84.

John “Jack” A. Sibilia created inventions and patents at Gates Rubber Company in Denver; helped build a battery used in Minuteman missiles for Power Sources; and helped construct major Colorado buildings at Allied Steel Company and Zimmerman Metals. He died on Jan. 28 in Denver, at age 83.


Wesley Dean “Wes” Burnett MAT, 92, fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He taught high school math and history in Colorado Springs and was active in the community. He passed away March 19, with Ann Kathleen Burnett ’80 among three children who survive him.

David Edward Fletcher MAT ’65 died on Jan. 26, just weeks before his 87th birthday. After working at CC for a time, he became professor of economics and business at the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Denver.


Francis “Frank” Vincent Daly served in the U.S. Marines. In a long career in education, he started as a camp counselor and ended as superintendent of schools in Claremont, New Hampshire. Frank also raised cows in Pennsylvania. He died on March 6, at 84, and is survived by his wife, Katrina Stonorov Daly ’61.

Judith “Judy” Ann Llewellyn, 81, died on April 24 in Durango, Colorado. She raised two children with herhusband, Larry.


David Reynolds Austin served in the Colorado Air Force National Guard and was an accomplished violinist and teacher of music. He died on June 3, 2017, in Saginaw, Michigan.


Helen Ruth Paris Christ worked as an elementary school teacher and also taught Sunday school. She lived in St. Louis and was devoted to St. Nicholas Women’s Philoptochos Society. She passed away on April 18.


Helen Jean Newman Mesich taught elementary school and was active as a scout leader, CCD teacher, and community volunteer. She served as a Eucharistic minister for 30 years. Helen died in Apex, North Carolina, on Feb. 15 at age 78. Husband Frank Gerald Mesich ’61 is among those mourning her death.

John Edward “Ed” Starr married Nelle Bonfoey Starr ’64, earned a Ph.D. from Stanford, and worked for years at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York. He spent most of his retirement in Tucson, Arizona. He died on May 18 at age 78.


Mary Tom Spring Isaac, 77, died on March 4. She had three children with her husband, James, and was an active member of her church in Colorado Springs.

Janet “Jannie” Toliver Moskal McCray passed away on Nov. 20 in Denver. She is survived by four children, including Tyler Stanley Moskal ’83, and her friend and first husband, Stanley Moskal ’62.

Patricia “Pat” Dorothy Rau White taught elementary school in Colorado and New Mexico. Later, she worked at CC’s Tutt Library, Teikyo University’s library in Tokyo, and for the Environmental Protection Agency in Denver. Pat passed away on Jan. 14 in Colorado Springs, at age 76.

Ward V. Lawrence spent the majority of his career in commercial real estate development, but also once owned and operated a Pizza Inn franchise in Denver and served as general manager of the Wichita Wings soccer team. He died on Feb. 6 in Arizona, at age 76.


John Simus was an All-American hockey player at CC and a Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army, serving in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. He went on to work for 30 years at ElectronicData Systems in Texas. John died on March 15 at age 75.


Anne Holmes Cecil taught English at a private school in Colorado Springs and then was a business owner in Castle Rock, Colorado, until her retirement in 1997. She died in Castle Rock on April 24, at age 75.


Walter Victor Novak was employed as a CPA in Colorado Springs for many years. He also earned the title of city chess champion. He died in the Springs on Feb. 24, at age 73.

Antoinette Benkowsky Shalkop retired as an academic in Slavic languages. She died on Dec. 14 in Salisbury, North Carolina, at 90 years old.


LuAnne Underhill Dowling, a member of the Barnes Society, worked at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and in the Alaska Governor’s Office. She was an editor of Adult Learning magazine, established an editing business, and co-authored several books. She died in Longmont, Colorado, on March 6, at age 70

Dennis Michael Malone, a football player at CC, went on to practice law in Trinidad, Colorado. He also served as president of the Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce. He was 70 when he died on March 10.

Kweku Mensah Olakunle Sagoe was a certified petroleum geologist who served as chairman/CEO of Eogas Petroleum & Geosciences. He died on Feb. 16.


Steven Culbertson, also known as Steven Morningthunder, passed away on Sunday, March 4, in Green Valley, Arizona. He was 69. Though his life was impacted by the onset of mental illness in his late 20s, Steven wrote an environmental book, took up farming, and lived in Mexico with his wife for years.


Harry “Smokey” Stover, an artist, worked in special effects for Disney and Apogee Films. His credits include “The Polar Express,” “Speed,” “The Natural,” and “Armageddon.” Following his June 4 passing in Middlebury, Vermont, survivors include his wife, Amy, two daughters, a sister, and brother Eric Stover ’74.


Lynn Harrison Cheney, 64, chaired the Cornwall Consolidated School Board in northwest Connecticut and served on other local boards. Those mourning her May 7 passing include her husband, Hugh Cheney ’75, and three children, including Hope Alexandra Bentley Cheney ’00. A son predeceased her.

Philip “Flip” Naumburg coached lacrosse at CC and co-founded the Vail Lacrosse Shootout while on campus. He is a member of the CC Athletics Hall of Fame, though he is best known for coaching Colorado State University to five lacrosse national championships. He died on May 5 in Fort Collins, Colorado, at age 66.


Sean O’Donnell, who grew up in Colorado Springs, attended CC, and served the community as a primary care physician, died in his hometown on May 28. He was 62. Among other community service, Sean spent years as team physician for CC’s hockey and football teams. Among those left behind are his wife, Cathryn Wilson-O’Donnell ’77, and their son, Sean Casey O’Donnell ’04.

Daniel “Dan” L. Rubin, who earned a J.D. and an M.B.A. at the University of Washington, built a long career as a tax accountant. With his death on Feb. 1, survivors include his wife, Susan Ann Rubin ’77.


Lucinda “Cinda” Clair Spencer worked for several years as an instructor with Colorado Outward Bound, and as a recreational therapist and elder care home aide. She died on April 18, at her home in Louisville, Colorado, at age 62.


John D. Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico, having completed various physical and social science courses. He died on Jan. 19 at age 56.

Steven LeRoy Nelson, author of the Axel Hatchett Murder Mystery series, passed away on April 24 at age 64. At CC, he won the 1982 Award in Literature and met his wife, Georgeanne Elise Blansett Nelson ’85. Outside of writing, Steve was an optician for 17 years, and volunteered time to make glasses for those in need locally and internationally.


Kathryn Noel Farrow devoted her life to pediatric medicine. Her Chicago-based medical practice focused on intensive care for premature babies, and she was named professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University in 2017. Following her Feb. 7 death at age 46, Kathryn is survived by wife Rachel Hegarty ’93, and their three young children.


Clayton Halden Chrisman co-founded View Interactive Entertainment, an Internet-based jukebox manufacturer, and Trolling, an e-commerce business serving the sport fishing industry. He managed the latter until he died on May 14 in Sheffield, Massachusetts, at age 45.


Hadley Kathleen Smith was vice president at the Colorado & Company realty group in Denver. She passed away on March 27, five days short of her 39th birthday.


Matthew Thomas Zito died on Oct. 14.


Cherylyn Nicole Alderfer passed away on May 11, at 24 years old. Following college, she worked for two seasons at Soaring Treetop Adventures of Durango, Colorado, and co-taught special needs children.


Perry S. Herst Jr. P’89 died on Feb. 6 in Los Angeles, at age 88. Perry co-founded Tishman West Management Corporation in 1968 and built it into one of the nation’s largest privately held real estate portfolios. For his charitable work, Perry earned the Humanitarian Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. His son Craig Herst ’89 attended Colorado College; gifts can be made in Perry’s memory to the Craig Herst Arts Prize at Colorado College, at or P.O. Box 1117, Colorado Springs, CO 80901.