Elizabeth Akiya Chestnut ’66

B.A., Colorado College, history/political science

M.A., Harvard University, history/anthropology

M.A., University of New Mexico, intercultural communication

Work: museum professional,1972-Present 

University of New Mexico Fine Arts Photography/Tamarind Institute of Lithography

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, exhibits production

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, museum director

Applied anthropology via visualcommunication/media

Gallup, New Mexico, Pueblo of JemezIndian Pueblo CCM: multimedia touch screen, “Pueblo Art from the Pueblo Point of View” With Charlie Carrillo, “Saints of the Pueblos” Pueblo of Zuni: film/DVD, “De Anza Motor Lodge & Its Zuni Connection”

“My List” (Concept from Irving Wallace’s “The Book of Lists,” 1977*)

Humor ha! difficult at times, rebounds often

Loss: now, more than ever, peer group friends, mentors

Finding meaning: see it by hindsight, depends on the day

Relocation: has not happened

Travel: Europe/Japan, lately limited by being embedded in New Mexico, another country

Community: New Mexico is a community — Pueblo Indian, Hispanic, Anglo, art world, archeology/anthropology worlds, here still alive, doubtful elsewhere

Cohort effect: I still love my CC cohorts, cross-class, specially, in spite of life’s  depredations.

Parents: both passed, one very early, the other departed at 91

Spouse: still married

Children: one daughter (works in family medicine), one son-in-law (professional artist/chef/father), two grandchildren, 6 and 4

Caregiving: supported spouse through cancer episode, beat it successfully

Money: not a loved topic, have enough, perennial doubt

Learning: remain endlessly curious, books galore, linguistics, genetics, SW archeology, ethnography, ethology/biology, politics, economic fiascos, fine fiction

Music: still love ’60s/’70s rock, blues, jazz, some classical (J.S. Bach, solo cello suites)

Health: so far so good, with requisite meds, dental woes more immediate

Pets: long line of cats of all sizes, colors, and intelligences

Recreation: walking, hiking, dance, yoga, Japanese long-bow archery

Paychecks: in the past

Colorado College prepared me for higher academia, for much of life’s complications, providing a foundation enabling a relatively unorthodox path through the world of profession, family, and balancing acts. Retirement? Hmm. I am still “working” on a project, originally as a consultant, now as a board director, of a 15-plus-year effort, involving New Mexico history, art history, three distinct culture groups, a city,a pueblo, and a private developer.

Nancy Bergstrom Havens ’67

Ed.D., Philosophy Lecturer, seven years, psychology assistant professor, 11 years, education elder life specialist, hospital

“My List” (Also from Irving Wallace)

Humor: a “must”

Loss: learning to cope with loss of family members, friends, career

Finding meaning: sounds grandiose, but it is a core value

Relocation: this may be with a new spouse or partner, or a decision to live near one’s children

Travel: money and time constraints, plus the new, “no fun” air travel

Community: see “finding meaning,” above

Spouse: ’66 CC alumnus, economics, passed away in 2016

Parents: father died early, mother still ticking at 96. (I am the “local daughter.”)

Adult children: daughter, CC ’95, married, position in San Francisco city government, and son, Habitat for Humanity position in Jacksonville

Caregiving: see “local daughter,” above

New partner: lucky to have found him!

Grandchildren: none yet

Money: learning to manage it

Learning: a “must”

Pets:had a dog, had a cat. Newly allergic to cats!

Health and healthcare: I am in charge; doctors are merely partners.

Colorado College had high expectations. We, then, had that for ourselves. This translated into careers that went beyond just a paycheck and into service.

*Wallace’s series contained hundreds of lists on unusual or obscure topics.