Nicki Steel had her photo essay, “The Life of Loons on Lake Raponda,” published in the September/October 2018 issue of Vermont Magazine. When not shooting photographs, Nicki is serving as chair of Wilmington, Vermont’s Old Home Week for 2020, a once-every-10-year celebration dating back to 1890.


Nancy Guild, a longtime professor in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder, recently had a $10,000 biology undergraduate annual scholarship endowment set up in her honor by former student Alex Meininger.

A group of Tigers assembled to celebrate Bill Jenkins’ 70th birthday on Aug. 4 in Leavenworth, Washington. Seated, from left: Alice Klauzer, Karen Stevens ’74, Ken Stevens ’70, Randy Klauzer ’70, Bill, Gary Wisler, Barb Hocker Striegel ’71. Standing: Kris Post ’71, Jim Diracles ’70Leigh Pomeroy ’70.


At the family homestead of Debby Abbott ’71 in the Poudre Canyon near Rustic, Colorado, a group of alumni

recently gathered (and not for the first time) to  reconnect. Pictured front row, left to right: Fred Courts ’71, Diane Warner Conrad ’71, Patty Haines Rose ’71, and Mark Grey ’71. Back row: Debby  with Steve “Thaddeus” Hammel.


June brought a mini-reunion of CC alumni at Yellowstone National Park. Pictured left to right: Jim Ashley ’71, Barb Dunn Ashley ’73, Steve Garman ’72, Bonnie Garman, Meg Glover Henderson ’72, Bruce Henderson ’72, Bob Hull ’72, and Suzanne Hull.



Perseverance counts, in chemistry and in mountain climbing. Professor of Chemistry Ted Lindeman ’73 has participated in 50 percent of the AdAmAn Club’s treks up Pikes Peak, making him the member with the most climbs.

This Dec. 31 will mark Lindeman’s 49th trek up the mountain in order to set off fireworks at the summit on New Year’s Eve. The AdAmAn Club, a Pikes Peak tradition since 1922, is a group of mountaineers who climb the 14,115-foot Pikes Peak in order to set off fireworks at the summit on New Year’s Eve. Each year, one member is added to the group, hence the name AdAmAn (add a man).  As a group, the club has conducted climbs for 96 uninterrupted years — with Lindeman on 48 (to date) of those treks — some through blizzard conditions.

Lindeman says that only for the first two or three years, in the early 1920s, did the climbers carry a few fireworks on their backs, in the form of oversize “bottle rockets.” When a local firework retailer joined the club, they started sending fireworks on the last Cog Train run of the season, and the launchers and ammunition would be held in a storage room at the Summit House. Eventually the highway was kept in good shape, and the ammunition went up in a truck a week or two before New Year’s, and the heavy steel launching tubes were stored in the summit house.

“A could-have-killed-several-of-us misfire” in the 1960s led to changes, including several thousand pounds of sand bags going up the mountain with the shells. “Finally around 1993, we staged an evolutionary burst” that resulted in the
present routine, says Lindeman. Today the club’s Pyro Subcommittee goes to great lengths to assure reliable ignition with nobody anywhere near a launcher.

However, says Lindeman, “the old close calls now make for jolly campfire talk, because we’ve been both careful and lucky — always at least one of those!”

He notes that club’s numbers have included at least 14 members who studied at CC, including Ed Morath, Ben Rastall 1901, Bob Ormes ’26, Joe Rohrer ’32, Bob Watson, George Munro Lindeman ’44, who was Ted Lindeman’s father, Sam Colt ’45, Sean O’Donnell ’77, and Dave Kosley ’84.


Five classmates recently gathered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, for a reunion — their 15th such get-together since graduation. Pictured below, left to right: Sue Sonnek Strater, Nancy Levit, Linda Snow Sweets Martin, Kathy Loeb, and Debby Parks Palmisano.


In October, Diane Rayor served as Roe Green Artist in Residence at the University of Colorado Boulder for the world premiere of her translation of Euripides’ “Hecuba.”


Edie Dulacki Sonn, vice president of communications and public affairs at Pinnacol Assurance, has been named a 2019 Governors Fellow by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Similar to the White House Fellowship, Colorado’s Governors Fellowship program is designed to facilitate public sector engagement for senior leaders from the private and nonprofit sectors.


With the Tetons as their backdrop, CC friends took a break from home, work, and family in late June to get caught up and relax. Pictured left to right: Sue Touchette Aust ’87, Libby Crews Wood ’87, Leslie Scott ’87, Anne Wagner Connell ’87, and Margaret Creel ’80 on the Snake River. Thanks go to Margaret for rowing!

Christopher Dunn has been named co-winner of the Roberto Reis Brazilian Studies Book Award for “Contracultura: Alternative Arts and Social Transformation in Alternative Brazil.” The award recognizes the two best books in Brazilian Studies published in English that contribute significantly to promoting an understanding of Brazil. Christopher is a professor in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Tulane University. His interest in Brazil began at CC and was inspired by Peter Blasenheim, professor of history.


Andy Henderson has been named a partner at Burns & Levinson LLP, a full-service law firm of more than 125 lawyers in Boston, Providence, and other regional offices. Andy is a member of the firm’s corporate, venture capital and private equity, and sports industry groups and focuses primarily on mergers and acquisitions for both private and publicly held companies.


Michael “Mike” Ukropina has been appointed CEO of Five Star Holding Corp., a Houston-based group of manufacturing companies providing packaging solutions to Fortune 500 clients and other large national retailers. 


Shannon M. Kos has been included in the 2019 edition of “Best Lawyers in America.” She is a shareholder at Collins Einhorn Farrell PC, in Southfield, Michigan, specializing in defending property owners, contractors, product manufacturers, and suppliers in a variety of contexts including asbestos and other toxic torts, mold, and fire and explosion litigation.


Amy Guglielmo has received a 2018 Christopher Award in the category of Books for Young People. The awards, which go to authors, illustrators, filmmakers, and television creatives, recognize works that “affirm the highest value of the human spirit.” Her book, “Pocket Full of Colors: The Magical World of Mary Blair, Disney Artist Extraordinaire,” tells the story of a pioneering female animator.


In June, three alumni joined Mercy Rome ’99 at Villas Espavel, the hotel she runs in Costa Rica, for a week
of catch-up, monkey-spotting, and beach play. Pictured left to right: Mara Kohler ’99, Shehnaz Hussain ’99, Canuche Terranella ’98, and Rome.


A group of Tigers recently gathered outside Portland, Oregon. Pictured here in the top row: Erin Simons Cook ’02, Ashley Magnuson Ellison ’02, Worth Ellison, David Cook (peeking in), Nancy Nettleton Jackson ’78, Cornell Simons ’79, Reed Owens ’03, Kelly Clark Owens ’03, Sophie Hines Ambruso ’02, and Chris Ambruso. Bottom row: Gavin Lewis, Paul McGown, Karyn Lewis, and Lydia Jackson McGown ’03.


Erica Jensen Davis is currently serving as an ambassador of excellence for the Arizona Education Foundation. This means she was chosen as one of the Top five teachers in the state and was a candidate for Arizona Teacher of the Year.


Retta Bruegger married Andrew Gingerich on Sept. 23, 2017, near the bride’s childhood home in Old Snowmass, Colorado. Attendees, pictured left to right, included Kate Voigt ’05, Liza Springmeyer ’05, Devon Little ’05, Tess Wilkes ’05, Ren Udall ’05, and Jenine Durland ’05. Retta and Andy live in Grand Junction, Colorado, where Retta is the regional specialist in range management for Colorado State University Extension and Andy is a planner for the city of Grand Junction. They met in Albuquerque, New Mexico, due to the powers of Tess Wilkes.


Josie Tuttle Munroe ’06 married Matthew Munroe in Maui, Hawaii, in October 2017. Pictured left to right: Michaela Miller Collins ’06Bethany Truhler Shehan ’06, Josie, and Rachael Degurse Griffin ’06.

Kimberly Shephard married Joseph Kaiser on Sept. 23, 2017, at the Grant Humphreys Mansion in Denver. Among those attending, and pictured left to right: Amber Duffy ’07, Kimberly, Erin Kelling Arbour ’06, Jessi Burns ’06, and Blaise Treeson ’07. Professor Shane Burns and staff member Stormy Burns also were present.


On Sept. 6, a group of alumni and parents got together in New York City for a CC Cares Day event. Working with the One Sandwich at a Time nonprofit, the group collectively made 400 sandwiches for the Main Chance shelter. Pictured, foreground: Camey Hess ’14. Back row, left to right: Jorge Salem ’07, Wilder Kingsley ’15, Katherine Corwin ’12, Sarah Davidson ’09, Cynthia Whitman ’11, Jeanne Muller, Holly Carter ’85, and Lauren Schmidt ’16. CC Cares Day is an initiative started by the Alumni Association’s Engagement Committee
to encourage, organize, and promote alumni volunteer activities nationwide.


Natalie Babcock ’11 married Samuel Gibson in Mendocino, California, on June 30 with many CC alumni in attendance. Pictured front row, left to right: Hilary Kennedy ’10, Joanna Capelin LaPrade ’11, Eve Babcock ’16, Maisie Richards ’11, Sophie De Pillis ’11, Lily Turner ’11. Second row: Lily Biggar ’16, Rachel Fischman ’16, Brooke Mead ’11, Bailey Griscom ’11, the bride, Emily Cleveland ’11, Jennie Light ’11, Lacey Huber ’11, and Page McCargo ’11.


An intergenerational gathering of Tiger friends and family danced the night away at the June 30 wedding of Vita Emery ’12 and Matthew Beaton ’12  in Columbus, Ohio. Kneeling, left to right: the bride and groom, Elle Emery ’12  (cousin of the bride), Harrison Precourt ’10, and Dave Conwell ’12. Second row: Wendy McPhee ’69 (cousin of the bride), Lisa Davis-Emery ’67 (aunt of the bride), Elizabeth Press ’12, and Glynna Kerr ’10. Third row: Caroline Cares ’13, Shannon Morgan ’12, Sam Brody ’13, Jordan Yeager ’12, Cathy Pfeiffer Emery ’82 (aunt of the bride), Elphie Emery Owen ’84 (cousin of the bride), and Sam Harper ’78 (cousin of the bride). Back row: Andrew Wallace ’12, Colin Cares ’11, Noah Gostout ’10, Mitchell Hoke ’11, Tim Beaton ’77 (father of the groom), and Kieffer Katz ’12. Not pictured but present: Cara Greene ’12, Eric Wigton ’12, and Rob Koch ’86 (cousin of the bride).

Arian Frost ’12 and Kameron Montana ’13 celebrated their marriage with many CC friends at a mountaintop hacienda in Los Cerillos, New Mexico, on June 23. They live with their two dogs in Madison, Wisconsin. Arian currently is finishing up her final year of medical school and applying to residency in emergency medicine. Kameron is in his third year of veterinary medical school. Bottom row, pictured left to right: Eric Einstein ’11, Johnny Checton ’13, LeeAna Wolfman ’13, Sarah Fischer ’12, Nina Sheade ’12, the bride, Zachary Zeidler ’12, the groom, Taylor Black ’12, Zachary Snyder ’13. Top row: Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry Habiba Vaghoo, Harriet Jacobs-Hannon ’13, Barry Elkinton ’13, Tim Tynan ’14, Amanda Flores ’13, Siri Undlin ’13, Hisham Beydoun ’13, Liliana Hoversten ’13, Meridith Antonucci ’13, Matt McNerney ’13, Brendan Neville ’12, Sam Smith ’13, Zac Chapman ’13, Phoebe Lamb ’10, Denali Gillaspie ’13, Erica Sarro ’14, Nathan Gustilo ’12, Emmo Gates ’13, and Edward Moe ’12. Not pictured but present: Katie Rogers ’12, Daniel Corman ’12, and Sean Kwo ’14.


Abby Mietchen married Luke Allen, March 31, in Salt Lake City. Among her bridesmaids were Lara Grevstad ’16 (pictured left) and Martina Glasgow ’16.