Oglala Lakota poet, writer, and artist Layli Long Soldier. Photo by Jennifer Coombes

Oglala Lakota poet, writer, and artist Layli Long Soldier read from her book “Whereas,” winner of the 2017 National Book Award for Poetry, during Cornerstone Arts Week. The weeklong series of free talks, film screenings, performances, and exhibits, which ran Jan. 29-Feb. 3, examined this year’s theme, “Can We Get Real?” The week kicked off with a faculty reading and open mic session, and included student art, the Native American Student Union screening of “We Shall Remain,” a discussion by cultural arts worker and Native American visual artist and curator Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, and two theatre productions, Mike Bartlett’s “Contractions,” directed by Emily Gardner ’19 and performed by Jessie Berger ’21 and Jolie Curran ’22, and a two-hour continuous performance of Samuel Beckett’s “Come and Go.”