Half Block, which runs nine days in early January before the start of Block 5, offers CC students the opportunity to earn half a course credit, invest in career development through non-credit courses, or learn an outdoor skill. Students earned credit in courses such as Brazilian Music and Language, Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology, and Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy. Non-credit courses provided students an opportunity to develop statistical analysis skills in Excel at Excel, study graphic design in Design Like a Pro, and learn about podcasting in Radio Production or pitching strategies during The Big Idea Half Block. Combined, 853 students, or 40 percent of the student body, participated in Half Block learning opportunities. Here’s a look at Half Block 2019 by the numbers:

Among the courses taught by CC alumni:

  • Michelle Chalmers ’89 and Heather Carroll ’89: Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  • Dez Stone Menendez ’02: The Big Idea Half Block
  • Chris Edmonds ’14: Our Careers in Climate
  • Trustee Jerome DeHerrera ’97: Public Policy-making in the Era of Trump
  • Other alumni contributors include: Lisa Tormoen Hickey ’81; Steve McDougal ’87; Jennifer DeCesaro ’97; Katherine Neebe ’97; Alberto Hernandez Lemus ’87; Tony Rosendo ’02; Greg Zimmerman ’06; Lucy Kessler ’08; Mat Elmore ’09; Zac Chapman ’13; Holly Moynahan ’15; Ben Criswell ’16; Mary Friedman ’17, and Lana Cohen ’17.

Also ongoing during Half Block was Winter Start Orientation for new and transfer students, which include Priddy Experience trips, designed to help students get to know one another and participate in community service. January 2019 saw:

  • 50 new/transfer students participating in Priddy Experience trips
  • 13 students serving as Priddy Trip leaders
  • 6 trips offered as part of Winter Start Orientation; five in New Mexico and one in Colorado

By the Numbers:

  • 853 students
  • 40% of student body
  • 25 for-credit courses
  • 21 non-credit courses
  • 461 students in the for-credit courses
  • 277 students in the non-credit courses
  • 101 students in Wilderness First Responder or recertification course
  • 14 students training as ski leaders or assistant ski leaders