Supporting a cause you believe in — with money or time — can arise from many different places and take many different forms.

For 13 CC young alumni, it’s through a giving circle called Mitzvoters where $50 each a month and the time it takes to research potential recipients makes a big difference in the lives of individuals around them (story below). For Ed Robson ’54, it was a long-time love of hockey as well as an appreciation for CC’s academic rigor, that spurred him to donate $12 million to CC to build a new, on-campus arena, which is scheduled to break ground in February (see plans on pgs. 26-27). And for Susie Burghart ’77, chair of the Colorado College Board of Trustees, it was a desire to ensure that CC is financially accessible for students from Colorado that moved her to initiate “Susie B’s Challenge,” a $2.5 million effort to help jump-start fundraising for The Colorado Pledge (see pgs. 28-29).

Whether you have $5, five hours, $50 a month, or $5 million, you can make an impact in your own way. None is more important than any other. As Mitzvoters founder Dan Marion ’12, says, “It just requires commitment.”