Last fall, 10 new tenure-track faculty members and two Riley Scholars-in-Residence, including CC alumnus Juan Miguel Arias ’12, joined Colorado College. In welcoming them, Acting Provost and Dean of Faculty Claire Oberon Garcia noted that “their scholarly talents and commitment to teaching further enriches a strong and vibrant community of teacher-scholars and creative practitioners. The value of a liberal arts education has never been higher: We are preparing our students to ask tough questions of the world in which they live, and each of the new faculty members brings a unique perspective to the Colorado College community.”

Acknowledging the unprecedented circumstances under which they are joining the campus community, Garcia says, “They are starting their careers here at a time of two entwined and profound crises: a public health crisis and a crisis of our democracy as it confronts unprecedented and sometimes violent challenges to basic rights of citizenship. They are teaching students who are developing intellectually and socially in highly stressful times. But I am fully confident that each of our new colleagues — with their strong records of innovative pedagogies and relevant scholarship — are ready to thrive professionally and continue CC’s tradition of providing the best liberal arts education in the nation in an institution committed to antiracism in everything we do.”

The new tenure-track faculty members are:

  • Aline Lo, English
  • Arom Choi, Film and Media Studies
  • Cayce Hughes, Sociology
  • Chantal Figueroa, Sociology
  • Donald Clayton, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • John Marquez, History
  • Liliana Carrizo, Music
  • Lisa Marie Rollins, Theatre and Dance
  • Nene Diop, French
  • Sofia Fenner, Political Science

The new Riley Scholars-in-Residence are:

  • Ahmad Alswaid, Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Juan Miguel Arias ’12, Education

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