(Giving Trivia!)

Donors to Colorado College make it possible for current and future students to thrive on the Block Plan and access the immersive, experiential liberal arts education that defines CC. How much do you know about philanthropy at CC and how giving supports the college? Test your knowledge with this quiz — then find the answers at coloradocollege.edu/generosity

1. True or False: Gifts to the Annual Fund support some of the college’s greatest areas of impact, including scholarships and financial aid, faculty and department support, antiracism, sustainability, and Creativity & Innovation at CC programming.

A — True
B — False

2. Approximately how many donors (at every level) gave to Colorado College during Building on Originality, CC’s multi-year fundraising campaign that concluded Dec. 31, 2021?

A — 16,000
B — 21,000
C — 31,000
D — 41,000

3. The Annual Fund helps CC:

A — Attract and retain esteemed professors
B — Bring authors and activists to speak at CC
C — Maintain and improve facilities on campus
D — All of the above (and more!)

4. Gifts of every size make a difference! In Fiscal Year 2021, individual donations of up to $1,000 added up to more than $_____ in support for CC.

A — $500,000
B — $750,000
C — $800,000
D — $1 million

5. In 2020, a group of CC students created a fund whose purpose is to build a network of solidarity within the CC community to meet each other’s needs. This concept, and the name of the fund, is called:

A — Colorado College Private Support
B — Colorado College Mutual Aid
C — Colorado College Collective Charity
D — Colorado College Students in Solidarity

6. Generous donors during the Building on Originality campaign helped create _____ new student scholarships to expand access to a CC education.

A — 95
B — 128
C — 145
D — 300

7. When you give to CC, you can direct your donation to which of the following areas?

A — Annual Fund
B — General Fund for Athletics
C — Antiracism at Colorado College Fund
D — Parents Fund
E — All of the above (and more!)

Learn more about the Colorado College Annual Fund and the impact of giving at coloradocollege.edu/generosity, or make your gift today at coloradocollege.edu/give. Thank you for engaging with CC!