The Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) at Colorado College and this website were founded through a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to expand faculty-student collaboration in the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences. Currently, DLA at CC is supported by an ever-growing collaborative of faculty, staff, and students who work to incorporate digital tools into research, teaching, and learning.

Policing Homosexuality

This project, based on thousands of archived police records, explores patterns and changes in same-sex relations from the 1720s to the 1780s in Paris.

Biographies of al-Jabarti

Based on biographies written by Islamic scholar Al-Jabarti, this project explores student-teacher relationships in the Islamic world during the 18th century.

Past, Present, Prison

This website includes essays, maps, and timelines, that represent the history of American incarceration since the late nineteenth-century in Southern Colorado.

Kunqu Opera Timeline

This interactive timeline charts the artistic and musical developments of Kunqu Opera from the Ancient period through the 20th century.


Find tools and resources to help you create your own digital project.

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HY200/FG206/SO290: Digital History Collaborative

In this course students work collaboratively on a digital project anchored in the history of sexuality, while learning about the philosophy underlying digital projects.

GS214: Workshop in the Digital Liberal Arts

This adjunct course is designed for students to work individually or in groups on a digital research project. Under the supervision of faculty, IT specialists and librarians, students will learn how digital technology can best be used in this scholarly endeavor.


The Helen and Arthur E. Johnson GIS Lab supports spatial analysis,
integrating geographic information, spatial reasoning, and data visualization into classes and research.

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