Timely Warning: Vehicle Thefts

Over the last week Campus Safety and the Colorado Springs Police Department have received reports of two motor vehicle thefts (stolen cars) and six thefts from parked vehicles.

These crimes have occurred off campus near Monument Valley Park parking lot and along Mesa Avenue to the west of campus and on Wahsatch Avenue to the east of campus. 

If you are a victim of any crime, please report it immediately.  If you have any information regarding these recent crimes, please contact Campus Safety at (719) 389-6707, or CSPD non-emergency, (719) 444-7000 or make an anonymous report through Crime Stoppers at (719) 634-STOP (719) 634-7867.

Please observe the following safety tips to help protect yourself and your property:

  • Park in a well-lit area with high pedestrian traffic when possible.
  • Always lock your car doors and roll up the windows.
  • Never leave a spare set of keys or key fob in your car.
  • Thieves will look for magnetic hide-a-key boxes.
  • Be mindful of leaving anything of value visible in your car.
  • Remove your registration and insurance information with personal data from your car.
  • If you are securing valuables in the trunk of your car, do it before you arrive to park your car as thieves will watch parking lots at parks and trailheads.
  • Do you have any perceived valuables such as a gym bag, lunch box, or packages visible in your car? These are still appealing to a thief who does not know the contents.
  • If you don’t drive your car often, please check it as often as possible.
  • Report any suspicious behavior, activity, or circumstances you observe on or around campus immediately.

CSPD Non-Emergency (719) 444-7000
Campus Safety Emergency (719) 389-6911
Campus Safety Non-Emergency (719) 389-6707

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