Windstorm Damage and Repairs

Tutt Library Back Open

Tutt Library Back Open

Following an extensive damage assessment across campus, the Facilities Services team has created a comprehensive list of damage and needed repairs from the Dec. 15 windstorm. 

The CC campus experienced moderate to severe damage including significant loss of and damage to trees; damaged windows, doors, roofs, gutters, and heating/cooling systems. Electrical systems, walkways, and driveways also sustained damage.

While the team will track costs as actual repairs are completed, a rough estimate of damage is $500,000-700,000, though this number may change.

Power has been restored at Tutt Library and it is now back open.

Loomis residents have moved back into their rooms; as of this afternoon, residents of two other campus houses remain temporarily relocated until downed trees are removed.

Please stay away from downed trees – jumping and climbing on downed trees is hazardous and also hinders cleanup efforts. Continue to be aware of heavy machinery on campus throughout the day clearing downed trees and other debris. At this time, crews are working to prioritize repairs and will establish a timeline to clean up and repair the campus.

Report any safety concerns to Campus Safety: or (719) 389-6707.

Thank you to our colleagues in Facilities Services, Residential Experience, Student Life, and ITS, along with many others who have put in a great deal of work to clear campus of debris and get it running safely and smoothly again.

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