Students: Get Tested After Block Break

Dear Students,

Thank you for continuing to participate in screening testing.

All students are required to participate in initial Block 8 COVID-19 screening testing; you received an email notification on Sunday to take a COVID-19 test with eMed by the end of today, Monday, April 25. It is important to take your test with eMed, as eMed handles the required reporting to the local health department for us.

At any time, if you have symptoms, even if they are mild, please get tested.

As always, Block 8 screening testing protocols will be determined based on test results and participation rates. We will be in touch via email later this week. Students who are not fully vaccinated should continue testing twice weekly.

Thank you for continuing to participate in screening testing and your partnership in keeping the CC community healthy! 

Andrea Bruder 
Chief Public Health Advisor to the President 
Mateo Muñoz 
Chair, COVID-19 Policy and Implementation Committee

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