Changes to Title IX Regulations

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

On Thursday, June 23, the U.S. Department of Education released proposed changes to the 2020 Title IX regulations. Title IX is the federal law that protects people from sex-based discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding.
As announced in May, I lead CC’s Office for Civil Rights and Title IX as the Assistant Vice President for Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator. 
The CC Office for Civil Rights and Title IX is a resource for all students, staff, and faculty for addressing concerns related to discrimination, harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual misconduct, including related retaliation.
The proposed changes were released by the Department of Education on the 50th anniversary of Title IX being signed into law. For the following 60 days, the proposed regulations will be subjected to public review and comment.
Our office is reviewing the proposed regulations, which are outlined in a 701-page document. Once we have fully reviewed the proposed changes, and in collaboration with campus partners, we will provide additional information about the proposed changes to the campus community, along with information on how you can submit a comment to the Department of Education, if you wish to do so.
You can read a summary of the proposed changes here and the Department of Education’s press release here.
If you would like to speak with a confidential resource, CC’s Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) is available for all students, faculty, and staff. The SARC is the campus advocate for anyone harmed or affected by sexual and other gender-based violence and can be reached at or (719) 227-8101. For support after hours, the advocate on call can be reached a (719) 602-0960.
Please note that CC’s current policies and procedures remain in effect, including CC’s Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedures  and Gender-Based Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedures.
As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at” style=”font-weight: normal;font-weight: normal;color: #7a6646;text-decoration: underline;color: #7a6646;text-decoration: underline”> or (719) 389-6194.

Tashana Taylor, J.D.

Assistant Vice President for Civil Rights
Title IX Coordinator

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