Need to Know Details of CC’s COVID-19 Plan

Dear Students and Families,

I am sure you have a lot of questions on how CC will be managing COVID-19 and other communicable disease on campus this academic year. As we have all been living under the cloud of COVID for the past two years, we can agree we need to be flexible as cases can, unfortunately, multiply quickly, especially on a college campus. Below I have highlighted the measures we have in place to keep members of the CC community healthy. If you have questions, please visit our website first. If you still have questions, students and parents can reach out to the Wellness Resource Center.
As you may know, Colorado College employs a public health framework for COVID-19 and other communicable disease decision-making that is informed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in consultation with the El Paso County Public Health Department.
Some areas we know you are interested in:
Coming to campus: We encourage everyone to test at home prior to coming to campus. Free tests are available through most local health departments, or through; you can also buy tests in pharmacies and retail stores throughout the U.S. All insurance carriers now reimburse up to eight tests a month per individual. 
All students, whether they tested prior to arrival or not, will be given a test kit at check-in and asked to complete it on the day of arrival to campus.
Vaccination: We require proof that every student, faculty, and staff member has been vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. Although medical, religious, and personal exemptions are available, 89.7% of our community have been vaccinated AND boosted.
Masking: Students may choose to wear a mask at any time, for any reason. However, you are expected to wear a mask when interacting with others if you are feeling unwell, including with COVID-like symptoms. If you test positive and have a roommate, we require you wear a mask in the room and any time you leave your room during the isolation period. Additionally, those who are not fully vaccinated/not up to date with vaccinations are encouraged to wear a mask in public indoor spaces, in accordance with CDC guidance
Symptomatic testing: Students with any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or in need of pre-travel tests should get tested, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection.  Students can schedule an appointment at the Student Health Center. Anyone who tests negative but still feels symptoms should mask and re-test one to two days after your first test unless your medical provider can identify another cause for those symptoms. Also, if a student has been in close contact (within six feet for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with someone with confirmed COVID-19, they should get tested five to seven days after exposure.
If you test positive: Students who test positive for COVID-19 will follow all isolation protocols and remain in their existing room assignment. There are a limited number of isolation rooms on campus that will be reserved for situations in which a student or their roommate have a documented medical condition that places them at risk of severe disease. Students in isolation will be instructed on how to pick up food and may use community bathrooms, but must wear a well-fitting N95 mask whenever outside their rooms. Students will work with their professors and can reach out to the Advising Hub for additional academic support.
Monkeypox: We know many of you are concerned about the monkeypox virus. Please know that while it likely will affect a very small portion of our campus population, we are prepared to manage the virus with preventative measures, messaging campaigns, containment, and care strategies.
Again, if you have more questions or would like more detailed information please visit our website.
The Student Health and Wellbeing staff and I are excited to work with you all as we join together to create a safe and healthy environment for our community.

Heather Horton, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Student Health and Wellbeing

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