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Inauguration and Celebration of CC’s 14th President L. Song Richardson

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The inauguration of L. Song Richardson, Colorado College’s 14th president in its 148 years, was one that celebrated community, inclusion, and the promise of an already-distinctive college and its graduates making an even greater positive impact on the world.
Building a “more just world” was the overarching theme of Richardson’s speech, which outlined her vision for CC. Read here to learn more about Richardson’s vision. If you missed the festivities, you can watch the inauguration ceremony here. 

The Walk to School – Travel Stories

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By Zeke Lloyd ’24
Student Zeke Lloyd ’24 studied in Spain during Summer 2022 as part of CC’s Summer in Spain program, based in Soria. Students lived with host families and participated in city life during two summer blocks. In addition to immersive language learning, the program incorporated multiple cultural activities and excursions to places such as Madrid and San Sebastian, to learn about the history and cultures of Spain. Zeke shared stories and images of his summer experience throughout the course.
The main street of Soria is like nothing I have ever seen. The four-lane avenue served as a central artery, curving from one end of the town to the other. The most important buildings lay along this street. Every morning I passed an enormous bull-fighting arena, a 17th century Catholic church, and a social security office, where a Spanish flag hung alongside the blue banner of the European Union.
Colorado Springs was 5,000 miles away, but Soria soon came to feel like a second home. Armed with the confidence that we were exploring this new country together, it didn’t take long for us to get into a normal routine. As our Spanish improved, we found ourselves better able to connect with our host families. Lunches and dinners transformed from quiet, confusing meals into opportunities to laugh, learn, and bond.
By the end, Spain didn’t seem so new. Time spent there just felt like living, which is why our departure felt like such an odd conclusion. It didn’t fit the narrative. Like any tale of travel, our trip did contain elements of a good story. There were protagonists, challenges, and triumphs. But important parts of a clear, classic plotline were missing. There was no call to adventure. There was no major conflict. There was no satisfactory conclusion. We overcame obstacles, and then we found a routine no more unfamiliar than the one we had in the United States. Then we left.
So, in considering my time abroad, the most memorable part was my morning commute.

Dismantling Hate: An Educational Series Toward Understanding and Action

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Join the ADEI team and Jorge Zeballos for the 2022-23 academic year’s first event of the Dismantling Hate series: Cosmic Race, Rainbow People, and Other Myths: Race and Racial Identity in the Latinx Community. Zeballos is an independent equity and inclusion consultant. Zeballos has 15 years of experience in higher education, and last held the position of Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Mich., where his efforts were recognized by the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education with their Institutional Excellence Award, Honorable Mention.

This series opener will take place Sept. 5 from 7-8 p.m. at McHugh Commons and will be a hybrid event. Visit the event webpage for more information and to register for the webinar.
The Dismantling Hate: An Educational Series Toward Understanding and Action series is a campus-wide initiative that provides programming for CC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members from the Colorado Springs area. The purpose and goal of this educational series is to support our communities to better understand hate — its roots and outcomes, and to motivate people to take action to dismantle hate. Each educational program in the series features a conversation with an activist, broadly defined, who shares their work and experiences dismantling hate against marginalized communities.

Best of the Springs – Vote in The Indy

Voting for the Indy Best of 2022 has begun and ends Sept. 6. If you would like to vote for Colorado College, you can do so by visiting the website Welcome to the Indy’s Best of 2022 – FINAL ROUND  under the Shopping & Service section.

Photo of the Week

Photo by Lonnie Timmons III
The inauguration of President L. Song Richardson on Monday, Aug. 29 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.
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