Incident at Hockey Game

Dear CC Community,

Many of you witnessed a disturbing event at last night’s hockey game when an individual entered the ice for what we have been told was a political protest. As communicated through social media and after the game at the press conference, this individual was not harmed but was taken to Memorial Hospital for professional care. We learned late last night that this person was not a CC student and is getting the support and help needed.
We are a community that is grieving the tragic deaths of our students Daniel Cortes, Hank Bedingfield, and William Perkins Moseley. We are trying to cope with our losses and are suffering from anxiety, feelings of helplessness, mourning, anger, and a host of other emotions.
The events of last night were traumatic to a community already coping with tragedy.
I know from my meetings with students and from the legitimate concerns being raised across campus that we need to do better for the health of our whole community. I commit to doing all that I can to examine how we do that.

L. Song Richardson

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