Racism Has No Place in Our Community

Dear Campus Community,

This morning we learned of an egregious act of violence against a Black veteran at the hands of a Colorado Springs Police Department officer on Oct. 9. This news, coupled with an incident of racial profiling at The Mining Exchange hotel in downtown Colorado Springs over the weekend, is in direct conflict with our antiracism committment.

Racial profiling — targeting individuals for suspicion of a crime based on their perceived race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin — is a common form of racism that often goes unchallenged. As a college committed to antiracism, we reject racism in all its forms, from subtle manifestations that target minoritized and marginalized communities to explicit acts of violence rooted in hate.

Colorado College honors this commitment by holding our community partners, including the CSPD, accountable for creating a more just world. As such, we are examining the extent of our business relationships with The Mining Exchange and its affiliates.

We encourage you to also be thoughtful and intentional about your patronage and civic engagement to collectively take a stance against racism in our community.

Please make time to learn more about racial profiling, microaggressions, and other covert racial acts and their deleterious effects:

If you have questions or concerns or would like to schedule a time to learn more about profiling, microaggression, and covert discrimination, please contact me or fill out the ADEI team consulting request form here. 

In solidarity,

Ersaleen Hope

Assistant Vice President for Staff Equity and Inclusion

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