Trigger Warning: Tragic Loss for CC Community

Dear CC Community,

We are deeply saddened to share that the parents of Jack Madison ’25 contacted us with the tragic news that Jack died in his sleep yesterday while at home in Ohio. As a community, we grieve his death and loss and hold all who cared for and loved Jack in the light during this time of grief, especially his family and friends. 

Jack’s family shared with us that he was fascinated by language and words; sound and music; and was crazy about art. He was a thoughtful writer, with his writing appearing in the Catalyst and the “Sounds of Colorado College” blog, which he managed. Jack encouraged our community to reflect and think more deeply — not to mention to listen to new artists. He loved our CC community. He loved tennis and being part of CC’s tennis team, for which he was recruited. He engaged fully with campus life in a myriad of ways, embracing CC to the fullest. Jack was observant, super imaginative, creative, and independent-minded. His humor, deep thinking, and generous spirit were a gift in his friendships and to all of us.  

Funeral services for Jack will be held at Tifereth Israel Temple in Columbus, Ohio this Thursday, Jan. 5, at 1 p.m. The service will also be streamed, and the link will be live on the temple website above. As a community, we will gather during Half Block and Block 5 to mourn, remember, and honor Jack’s life.

More information will be shared with the campus through email and the digest. Wherever you might be, we encourage you to connect with friends, family, and other resources and practices that are supportive for you.

As a reminder, our CC resources include: 

May we remember Jack and hold each other with care. 

With compassion, 

Rochelle T. Dickey  

Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Life 

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