Don’t Forget: Block 5 1M with Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

Join us for a talk by Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington titled, “Cultivating the Beloved Community: It Starts with Me” in the Kathryn Mohrman Theatre at 11:15 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 30.

“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of…” These words speak to the theme of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday for 2023. In a time where folks are just trying to breathe, it’s important that we reinvest in each other and develop a practice of honoring our collective humanity. Cultivating a Beloved Community starts with you. 

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington (he/him/his) is the president and founder of the Washington Consulting Group, named by The Economist as one of the Top 10 Global Diversity Consultants in the world. Washington has served as an educator, administrator, and consultant for over 38 years. He serves as an invited instructor in the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is the president and co-founder of the Social Justice Training Institute and a past president of the American College Personnel Association.

Washington earned his B.S. from Slippery Rock State College; a double M.S.  from Indiana University/Bloomington; a Ph.D. in College Student Development from the University of Maryland College Park; and a Master of Divinity from Howard University School of Divinity. 

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