Did You Receive the Emergency Notification Test?

Yesterday Campus Safety conducted a test of the emergency notification system, RAVE, which is used to notify people across campus of emergency situations. If you did not receive the test, please email Campus Safety with “RAVE Emergency Notification” in the subject line to request being added to the system.

CC is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. In our efforts to be more effective with safety measures on campus, we will phase out the emergency blue light boxes across campus throughout the remainder of the academic year. Data shows these call button lights are not used by our campus community and may provide a false sense of security.

The Rave Guardian app provides improved access to help with a variety of resources to include the ability to chat and talk in real time with campus safety, programable safety timers, resources directory, and one button 9-1-1 notification.

You can download the companion app, Rave Guardian, for free to take advantage of these safety features.

Remember: All buildings on campus are equipped with fire alarms. When a fire alarm sounds, all occupants of the building should safely evacuate and move away from the structure until cleared by the Colorado Springs Fire Department to re-enter. 

Want to be more involved in the safety of your campus space? The Incident Management Team is seeking volunteers to assist as Safety Liaisons. Safety Liaisons partner with Campus Safety staff and other emergency response personnel to assist students, staff, faculty, and visitors in the procedures of an emergency for a safe evacuation, shelter-in-place, or lock down. Safety Liaisons voluntarily provide a valuable service to the college community should an emergency incident occur. Safety Liaisons are never required to put their own safety in jeopardy or carry out any task that they cannot perform comfortably or safely.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Safety Liaison or would like more information, please email Andreanna Trujillo.


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