Block 7 Crown Center for Teaching Programming

Check out the Crown Center for Teaching’s Block 7 Programming!

All sessions meet 3:30-5 p.m.
No RSVP Necessary. 
Afternoon snacks will be served!

Tuesday, April 4

Student Panel on Teaching and Learning
Tutt Library 411/412

Education majors share their research projects and insights on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning that include student success at CC, the value of ungrading, perceptions of classroom experiences among students and faculty, evaluating levels of inquiry in the classroom, and raciolinguistic perspectives and expectations in the classroom. 

Facilitators: Catherine Edds ’23 and Psalm Delaney ’24.
Nicholas Barber ’23, Colleen Campbell ’23, Paige Kahle ’25, Cat Krupka ’23, Alice Schubert ’25

Wednesday, April 5
Teaching with Tension
Tutt Library 411/412

Description: During this session participants will discuss strategies for managing and navigating tension in the classroom, decentering authority with students, and challenging student stereotypes and misperceptions. Examples will be provided from the facilitator’s teaching experiences. The goals of the session are 1) to recognize and name reactions and behaviors in yourself and your students that produce tension; 2) to understand why using certain strategies to manage tension can cause harm to students; 3) to learn strategies for managing tension that are effective; and 4) to consider how to use discussion and dialogue to create tension to promote learning and growth. Suggested pre-session work is reading from the book “Teaching with Tension: Race, Resistance, and Reality in the Classroom” (e-book available through Tutt Library) 

Facilitator: Santiago Guerra

Tuesday, April 11

Creating inclusive classrooms for CLD students
Tutt Library 411/412 

We know CLD students are those whose culture and language differ from that of the dominant group (Herrera & Murry, 2016). But what does this mean for our teaching? Do CLD students learn differently from non-CLD students? What does being a “culturally and linguistically responsive educator” actually mean? What can I do to best facilitate learning for CLD students in my classes?

This session will demystify these principles of CLD learning and will give participants an opportunity to learn simple strategies to put into practice to optimize CLD student learning. Participants will also be able to hear comments written by CC CLD students on the topic of what they want faculty to know about their classroom experiences. This session aims to empower participants in their pursuit of creating equitable classrooms for CLD learners

Facilitator: Chelsea Walter

Thursday, April 13

There Are No Digital Natives: The Whys and Wherefores of Digital Projects in the Classroom
Tutt Library 411/412

Description: One of the most persistent and pernicious myths about current students in higher education is that they are all digital natives, they are all at ease and knowledgeable about the nature of technology, and thus what they need is less explicit focus on it in the classroom. In this workshop, we will discuss why these myths are pernicious and about the value of including digital projects in the liberal arts classroom. We will also talk about how digital projects can fit into a variety of pedagogical models as well as how to scaffold and evaluate them on the block plan using equitable grading practices.

Facilitator: Jennifer Golightly

Thursday, April 20

Mentoring and Providing Feedback
Tutt Library 231

Description: One of the most challenging aspects of mentoring can be providing feedback that is helpful. During this workshop, participants will learn how to provide critical feedback that is useful, particularly in a mentoring relationship.  

Facilitator: Heidi Lewis

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