Daniel Crossey ’74 enrolled at Colorado College in 1970, and although he did not complete his undergraduate studies, he reclaimed CC by joining the facilities staff as a carpenter and cabinetmaker in 1995. Then-president Kathryn Mohrman told Dan that contributions he made to the CC community were as important as his job duties, an approach Dan has taken to heart during his career.

He is one of the volleyball team’s greatest fans. He has worked with student climbers to help them find funding for the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym and for the past decade he has been involved with the Kellogg Memorial Fund. Dan recently worked with the Native American Student Union, setting up their Lakota tipi. He serves as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee and is a respondent advisor on the Sexual Misconduct Committee.

Dan is a master at his craft, restoring and adapting the college’s historic buildings for the needs of a modern campus and serving as their protector when extreme weather threatens their integrity. Dan says he is very lucky to be at CC because of the terrific colleagues and students who make up its community.

In 2014, he received the Gresham Riley Award, which recognizes faculty and staff who have made a significant difference to the Colorado College community through outstanding service, commitment, and accomplishment. The continuing concern for and support of students and alumni demonstrated by such individuals
ensure the general well-being and future excellence of the college. These accomplishments exemplify the important contributions made by Gresham Riley, the 10th president of Colorado College from 1981-92.