Amairani Alamillo ’16, a senior and current Woman’s Educational Society (WES) Scholar, has found that WES complements her time at Colorado College by continuously offering opportunities for academic and professional exploration. Alamillo, a Spanish major and dance minor, was attracted to CC because of the unique Block Plan, which she felt would allow complete immersion on campus both academically and in extracurricular activities. Recognition for her accomplishments through scholarship gave Alamillo the ability to decline the student loans she was initially awarded. As a result, she will graduate with much less debt than she would have otherwise.

“I was thrilled to be chosen as one of the recipients of the WES award! All the scholarships I received through CC played a huge role in my decision to attend this institution,” Alamillo says.

Alamillo’s award also provides a book stipend every semester, which Alamillo says greatly reduces the amount of hours she needs to work to save up hundreds of dollars for textbooks. This extra free time allows Alamillo to pursue her work as a dedicated pre-medical student, an experience enhanced by the connections she has made through her scholarship.

“Being part of the Woman’s Educational Society has opened so many doors for me,” she says. Without WES I would not have been able to meet professors that teach subjects outside of my interests. Without WES, I would never have met Dr. Amilu Stewart, whom I’ve had the privilege of shadowing in the clinic.” Dr. Stewart is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College’s first admitted class of women and a valuable connection for Alamillo that WES made possible.

CC has given Alamillo the resources to thrive as a co-chair of SOMOS (the Hispanic/Latino campus organization), a co-author and presenter of a petition to diversify the CC curriculum, and a student body president candidate. Strengthened by her scholarship support, Alamillo’s CC experience has given her the ability to succeed at any goal she pursues.

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