Kayla Fratt ’16, a current Woman’s Educational Scholar from Wisconsin, was enchanted by the Rocky Mountains, which led her to find Colorado College, the type of small liberal arts school she always knew she wanted to attend.

Fratt had never heard of the Woman’s Educational Society, but was greatly appreciative to receive the generous award for her accomplishments. WES had the ability to not only reduce Fratt’s loans and financial stress, but also offer her a group to rely on for assistance. Fratt says, “WES is a really great community of supportive women and mentors, which has been a great network of emotional support.”

Fratt also appreciates the book scholarship that WES Scholars receive each semester. This helps Fratt have the resources for her intense studies as an organismal biology and ecology major. When Fratt isn’t out in the field taking advantage of CC’s hands-on approach to learning, she is up on the mountains showcasing her skills as a Nordic skier. Fratt is the founder and captain of the CC Nordic Ski Team, something she considers to be one of her highest achievements since arriving at CC. As a leader, Fratt takes responsibility for those around her in the outdoors—a skill gained through her WES funded, on-campus Emergency Medical Technician course.

“WES has a really great fund for extra things, such as study abroad. They helped pay for my on-campus EMT course, which is the only thing that allowed me to take the course,” she says.

Amidst her busy schedule, Fratt enjoys finding time to stay connected with the women of WES, who offer as much social support as they do academic. Fratt especially enjoys the holiday cookie exchange when she is able to meet the board and strengthen her relationship with the society.

“My personal mentor, Elaine, is always very engaged and interested in my schooling and social life. It’s wonderful to grab lunch or dinner with her, and just update someone on my life, knowing that they really care about what I have to say,” Fratt says.

The intensive environment at CC along with continuous encouragement from WES has made Fratt’s college experience immensely valuable to prepare her for what comes her way.

“CC has really taught me to be independent in academics and personal life while maintaining a high level of performance. I’ve learned how to balance my life, take initiative, and work well alone and with others in the block plan’s high-pressure environment,” says Fratt.