The CC Nordic Ski Team aims to raise $2,500 by May 1 through Crowdfunding at Colorado College. A successful fundraising effort would allow the team to buy more equipment and better prepare them for competitions as well as equip new skiers with gear so they can gain experience in the sport.

A full set of cross country ski gear runs about $500, including two pairs of skis, poles, and boots. Additional expenses are a wide variety of wax, brushes, benches, irons, scrapers, corks, and other wax application tools.

“This will allow us to grow our community on campus,” says Grace Ford ’19, a chemistry major, Spanish minor, and fundraising manager for the crowdfunding effort.

Ford, who has skied nearly her entire life, was a competitive skier in Spokane, Washington, in middle and high school. She says the team has hosted two learn-to-ski events, both of which were filled to capacity with 15 new skiers.

“I love teaching people how to improve,” Ford says.

Rowan Kowalsky ’18, a geophysics major, came to the sport two years ago during her freshman year at CC.

“I love the Nordic Ski Team community. It has opened winter up in a whole new way for me,” she says.

Kowalsky notes that gifts of all amounts are impactful, whether it’s $5 to help purchase maintenance materials, $50 for a racing suit, $100 for ski boots, or $500 to fully equip a new team member.

In 2012, the club was established and permitted to participate in citizen races. Last fall, the club team was formed and has since participated in four division collegiate races. Additionally, one skier went to the college Nordic club nationals. Altogether, there are 30 members on the team.

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