Last spring, Colorado College launched its first crowdfunding campaign and successfully drew the connection between personal activities and the real ways that giving can enhance the CC experience for today’s students.

CC’s fledgling Nordic Ski Team, which provides equipment to introduce new skiers to the sport, surpassed its $2,500 goal by raising $2,830. A full set of cross country ski gear — two pairs of skis, poles, and boots — runs about $500, and there typically are additional expenses for wax, brushes, benches, irons, scrapers, corks, and other wax application tools.

Grace Ford ’19, manager for the crowdfunding effort, said the project was an effort to make skiing accessible to all interested CC students. Team members reached out to friends and family and publicized their fundraising efforts on social media.

“Coming to the team this year as a freshman, I saw what a great group of people the team was made up of and how we could be competitive if we built our base of gear,” says Ford. “Because of the crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to become a more competitive team in our league, as well as bring Nordic skiing to a larger population on campus.”

The 30-member ski team has participated in four division collegiate races, and sent one skier to the college Nordic club nationals. Additionally, it has hosted two learn-to-ski events, each of which introduced 15 new skiers to the sport.

Rowan Kowalsky ’18, a geophysics major, came to the sport two years ago during her freshman year at CC.

“The fundraising campaign helped ensure the continuation and growth of our club. As one of the first members, I’m invested in this group and its presence on campus,” she says. “The vast majority of the donors were friends or family of team members. They supported this team because they want to see their friends, nieces, and grandsons have an opportunity to create meaningful college experiences.”

Altogether, 538 gifts totaling nearly $15,000 were made to five projects during a month-long crowdfunding campaign. The initiatives have diverse impacts from supporting academics by providing scholarships and technology, offering recreational activities that would otherwise be unaffordable, providing sustainable transportation, and funding important programs across campus. Donors included students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents; of those 58 percent were new donors to Colorado College.

By the Numbers
CC Nordic Ski
Goal: $2,500
Raised: $2,830
113% Funded