About me

I hike. A lot. Some of my pictures from hiking are here on the website. While I am not a peak-bagger, I do live for alpenglow.  As my joints have gotten less resilient and adaptive to shocks, I’ve started using trekking poles, which I am sometimes embarrassed to admit. Most times, I’m delighted I remembered to bring my poles as I pick my way down a scree field.

I love cheese— unpasteurized cave-aged clothbound cheddar, camembert, manchego, goat gouda, Hayden Blue, Cabot extra sharp. While my list of cheese loves goes on and on (and on). The one exception is Wensleydale.

I love cooking. See pictures of some of my favorite creations below!

I like to think of my cooking as “productive procrastination.”  I usually use recipes as a reference for what I could do. The same way many drivers in Colorado believe the sign “share the road” is a reference for what they could do, not a law to be followed.